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Upgrade your game night with our top picks

Following COVID safe regulations; masks, social distancing and most of all getting vaccinated will have the quarantined masses ready to have a group gathering.

Make your first group gathering a hit by hosting Game Night! We’ve played our fair share of games in the past, so we picked our top seven, in no preferential order, for you to try out:


This classic block-stacking and block-crashing game involves physical skill and strategy. Players take turns taking out one block at a time from the tower constructed of 54 blocks. The aim of the game is to take blocks from the stack and place them on top of the tower without having it crash. The last player to remove a block without having it crash wins.  

Never Have I Ever 

This adult game is also known as the game of poor life decisions! If you played this game in your adolescent or young adult years, you’ll be glad to know that now that it’s a card game now; yes, you can buy cards to guide the questions. The questions range from the awkward, to the sexual, to the embarrassing and to the illegal! Get to know things you never knew about your friends; leave the judgement at the door and get ready to be extremely honest.   


The aim of this game is to guess what the drawer is drawing. That easy. A player picks a card from the deck and only DRAWS what is described. As a fun challenge, there are cards that contain rules like “draw with your non-dominant hand” or “player must have their eyes closed”. You don’t have to be an artist to play, in fact, the game is way more fun if the last time you drew anything was in art class in primary school.  

5 Second Rule 

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Playing this game will get you tongue-tied and have all the information you thought you knew like the back of your hand nowhere to be found. All you have to do is name three things that fit the topic in question before five seconds are up. Sounds easy, right? Try naming three board games with the loud sound of marbles running down the timer that lets you know your five seconds are up!

Cards Against Humanity 

This popular and raunchy fill-in-the-blank question and answer party game is made for horrible people looking for a laugh. Try to answer the questions, black cards, with the most over the top and hilariously inappropriate answers, white cards. It works better if you know the person putting down the black card; know their sense of humor and you’ll know how to get them to pick your answer as the winner. The creators of the game even made a parody, Cards of Humanity For Her…The same cards but the box comes in pink AND it’s a little more expensive than the original.  

50-50 Kenyan Board Game 

Lovers of Kenya and nostalgia unite! This game is a fast-paced, exciting and entertaining board game that celebrates 50 Years of Kenyan Culture. Players have 50 seconds to answer questions about people, places, brands, tv and music. All in relation to our beautiful country, Kenya, as well as other parts of Africa. Described as the “number 1 Kenyan Board Game” enjoy your next game night reliving memories and competing over who knows Kenya best. 

30 Seconds     

This game is like Charades except instead of all players writing down topics to put in a hat to be picked at random, it’s a whole board game! Create teams of at least two players each and take turns describing what’s on the card. Describe the word on the card, usually general knowledge or pop-culture references that anyone would know, without saying the word in question. Your teammate has to guess the word in 30 seconds and the number of words guessed within the 30-second time limit is the number of paces you advance your token on the board. The aim of the game is to get your teams token to the end of the board before someone flips it over in frustration. 

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