University of Nairobi establishes top ranking as the best university in East Africa

Kenyan institution of the higher learning University of Nairobi is ranked top in East Africa position eight in the continent followed by Makerere University which was number 11 in the continent.

The latest Webometrics ranking of world universities has named University of Nairobi, Kenyatta, Egerton, Moi and Jomo Kenyatta as the best five public universities in Kenya. On the other hand, Mount Kenya, Strathmore, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, United States International University (USIU) and Daystar have been ranked as the best private institutions.

Aside from being the best university in East Africa UoN is also among the top 1,000 best universities in the world, after it was ranked position 990. The Webometrics ranking focused on 11,995 universities across the world. Webometrics only measured the extent to which universities use the internet to spread, transfer and exchange knowledge.

UoN is followed by Kenyatta University (position 17 in Africa and 1,596 in the world), Egerton University (21 in Africa and 1,881 worldwide), Moi University (22 in Africa and 1,951 in the world) and Jomo Kenyatta (39 in Africa and 2,767 globally).

Maseno comes in sixth in Kenya and ranks position 81 in Africa and 4,126 in the world. Strathmore is the best private university and the seventh-best university in the country. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa is the second best private university and the ninth best in Kenya followed by USIU, which was position 10 in the country. Daystar University was the fourth best private university and number 11 in the country, while Mount Kenya University was ranked fifth among private universities and number 13 in the country.

Harvard University is ranked as the best university in the world, followed by Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University and the University of California Berkeley. In Africa, University of Cape Town is the best university after it was ranked number 272 in the world.

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