Top five careers in 2013: What they have in common

Young people across the world are finding it hard to get sustainable employment or any kind of job for that matter. Most governments, including Kenya, have placed job creation as high priority. But in the midst of the job scarcity, there are professionals that are highly sought, where jobs look for them.

The one thing that runs through these careers is the fact that these jobs are in demand across all sectors, industries and organisations. But there is a catch; You have to be highly specialized or very talented to have companies chase after you.



1. Software Developer
According to, software developers are high in demand. The career includes applications and systems software development. There has been a steady growth in the demand for software developers over the last three years. A degree/diploma in computer science or IT will more likely lead you to a career in software or system development. But there are a number of proactive individuals who have learned how to code independently. This career is on demand because it is not industry specific. Nearly all sectors or companies need a system they can use to improve their operations.

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