‘Thotiana’ rapper Blueface brands his mother a ‘clout-chaser’ after making it big

New age rapper Blueface is having some serious domestic problems, and his poor choices might catch up with him.

According to an Instagram Live recording that has gone viral online, Blueface is seen in a serious domestic dispute with his mother and sister. Johnathan Michael Porter, better known by the stage name Blueface, is seen in the video kicking his sister and yelling at his mother. As the confrontation moves from the staircase to his living room, his mother is heard saying “we are going to wait on the cops since you like to hit girls.”

The viral video details Johnathan hitting his sister several times, and even threatening her while grabbing her neck in a chock hold. He says “I swear to God you will not leave this house alive bro…”

After the horrifying footage went viral online according to The Shaderoom, Blueface’s sister went on to clarify a few aspects of the fight. In the Instagram footage, she is heard explaining that Blueface threw them out after she and their mother did not get on well with Blueface’s girlfriend. After throwing out their possessions onto the street, his sister pointed out that his recent success is only because of the numerous sacrifices his mother made for him.

She wrote, “You only got clout coz of mommy! How do you think you go there? The saddest thing is she paid for all those studio sessions when you were living in your car…All those football camps and trainer, she bee breeding you since birth! Meanwhile, she penny-pinching!!”

Meanwhile, after facing loads of backlash, Blueface reposted a throwback video where he gifted his mother $10,000 (1MKsh). On Instagram stories, he went on to say, ” I’ll take this to the chin and let y’all eat this internet story up.”

The altercation comes days after the ‘Next Big Thing’ rapper had a run-in with the police.

Complex News reported, Blueface was detained on Friday (28.06.2019) during a traffic stop in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the “Thotiana” rapper was pulled over for tinted windows, missing plates, and allegedly speeding in his black Porsche. A passerby filmed Blueface sitting on the curb with his hands behind his back, surrounded by several officers and police vehicles.

Law enforcement told the outlet the rapper was placed in cuffs because he was speeding in a residential area, but they ultimately let him off with a warning after concluding “no crime was committed.”

Blueface came to fame with the release of the track ‘Thotiana’ in 2018. He released 2 remixes, one with YG and another which was a mega success with Cardi B earning the track 135M views on YouTube.

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