This is why Kenyans on Twitter are talking about the tea master Edgar Obare

Kenyan YouTuber Edgar Obare is the go-to person for all the hot ‘tea’ on your favourite celebrities.

The internet sensation became popular late last year for his shocking revelations about several celebrities including the love triangle between Comedian Terence Creative, his wife Milly Chebby and side chic Anita Soina. In short, he is celebrities worst nightmare.

Now Obare is a top trending item on the social media platform Twitter where he is getting love and hate in equal measure from Kenyans on Twitter.

The reason why Edgar is on everyone’s timeline is that he ruffled some feathers with one of his leads on a new story on his Instagram stories. Yesterday (13.01.2020), one of his followers decided to give him the low down on Twitter Bigwig Joe Muchiri and his baby mama Ekuam. Shortly after, he started trending with some tweeps cautioning him that he had just stepped on the toes of someone he should have not.

Some Kenyans on Twitter went ahead to call out Obare for prying into people’s lives in order to make a living. Others asked him to find something else to do with his life than ‘sit’ around exposing the private lives of celebrities.

Other tweeps defended the rising star saying that he is doing a good job of informing his audience on the latest celebrity gossip and that those who feel offended by the Joe Muchiri story are hypocrites as they liked his work until he hit too close to home. Other users advised people to get rid of fake friends who would one-day act as ‘reliable sources’ for one of Obare’s stories.

In short, Kenyans on Twitter are a divided lot when it comes to Edgar Obare’s ‘tea serving’ some think he is way out of his depth with his stories while others adore him for keeping them appraised.

Celebrity gossip has many ups and downs, on one hand the audience will always be thirsty for information but on the other, one might get in the crosshairs of some not so good celebs.

Edgar Obare studied at the United States International University (USIU -Africa) and then proceeded to Europe for a masters in computer science. He is a widely travelled man with an impressive Instagram to show for it.


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