#TheSeven money moves you need to make before your 30s

“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.”

Being young is great, however, we must all age. So what happens when you finally turn 30. You need to plan for the future, the earlier you start making plans for your life before you get to your 30’s the better. Your 20s are full of a lot of changes, we graduate, we get our first new job or open a business, get married, relocate to a different place or even follow an entirely different life path. In the process of all these transitions in your life, it is important to make critical decisions as far as money is concerned.

Here are some money moves tips that will give you a sense of direction before you hit the third floor.

1. Invest in yourself

Investing in you means that you have to brand yourself. There are ways to make money and save. By acquiring a new set of skills that can improve your work efficiency and take you to the next level would be great the best way of investing in yourself. Be the best version of you, learn a new skill, read a lot. Do not hide behind anyone’s shadow. When you start investing in you, you will be in a better position to raise your income and have a high bargaining power.

2. Make a retirement plan

By the time you turn 30, you should have started saving for your retirement. Saving for retirement early ensures that you plan for your later years early one in life. Whether you hope to have a small business or get into agriculture on retirement, savings are a key aspect to living a great life at retirement. Establishing this plan early not only makes you smart but also will put your thoughts at ease as you get older.

3. Make a smart investment strategy

If you want to enjoy comfort after retirement, savings are just but a small portion of the equation. You have to think of other ways of making money in order for it to amount to a large sum. If you know nothing about investment, then you need to research and get information about what will work for you. There are various ways of making money work for you. Learn about the stock, many market funds etc. Take time to think of where to put your money so you can secure your future financially.

4. Get yourself out of debt

At 20 a lot of young people are struggling with debt. Before you clock 30, you need to know how to eliminate the debts, to live debt free for the rest of your life. Think of ways to knock out the debts by either looking for a side hustle to earn you more cash to pay off debts or cutting your daily expenses. When you are able to manage your debts well, there are other opportunities that open up for you like thinking of buying a home.

5. Establish good financial habits

Take advantage of your 20s to think and establish good financial habits. Be disciplined with your income and expenses. You will be able to manage your credit and pay off debts early, once you have a good money plan. Set a monthly budget and follow it diligently. You can think of setting an emergency fund that settles any of your unforeseen emergencies. With a nice layout for your financial habits, you can look forward to a hustle free life.

6. Be open to new opportunities

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone, so they say. You need to be a go-getter and know what it is you want. Open a business, negotiate for a higher salary, look for different opportunities now that you are young and energetic. Graduating and getting a certificate doesn’t guarantee you a job, don’t close your mind simply because you have a job that meets your daily needs. The world is changing fast, so should you. Get ideas to improve yourself and make yourself better. Keep dreaming big and open your mind to a world of impossibilities.

7. Stay educated

They say education is the key to all opportunities. To take advantage of new trends, expand your earning portfolio and grow your money, education is key. Keep abreast of local and international trends and you are sure to stay in the know. Noone can con you off your money if you stay educated. Strive to learn a little something about everything.

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