The ultimate Kenyan wintertime lovers playlist: Just A Band, Fena Gitu, Charisma and more

The cold weather warrants for some quality time with a loved one, a hot beverage and sultry music for your listening pleasure.

Here are a few of the best Kenyan tracks to lift your spirits, and get you in the mood:

1. Le Band’s Charisma has released his sophomore release as a solo act

The release ‘Tuthi Nawe’ released on June 28th, 2019 offers a refresh on rhythm and blues, fusing afro sound making for a special track for lovers. Whether you are loved or are loving another, Charisma pulls through his modulated, tonal voice that tug at heartstrings. In the track, Charisma sings of finding the love of his life, and Njerae comes in with the reverb and complex harmonies that elevate the track. Mastered and mixed by Jaaz Odongo, the track’s sound is crystal clear as the vocal elements and percussion intertwine to make magic music for your listening pleasure. This track is Charisma’s second solo release, previously working with Mbithi on the January 2019 release ‘Ulivyonipenda’.

2. Fena Gitu keeps it strictly Kenyan

Fena Gitu has an uncanny ability to turn Kenyanisms into unforgettable tracks. Her Juneteenth release ‘Kaende’ is just another example of Gitu’s talent and superior abilities to make you fall deeply in love with her voice, and find love and excitement in your partner’s eyes. Whether it is her silvery voice that cuts through the beats, or the sensual lyrics are hidden behind a veil of innocence, Fena always has something for every season, even the proverbial Kenyan winter.

3. Just A Band offer something probably for lovers

Just A Band are the real pioneers of experimental sound in Kenya. With Blinky Bill, Mbithi Masya, Jimi Chuchu and Daniel Muli bringing something fresh, the track ‘Probably For Lovers’ is a special sound with lyrical realities that would want anyone to make up and get back together with an ex. The Kenyan winter can drive you to do crazy things, but this track is a great listen for the season.

4.Roses for a special one from Karun

Karun’s live version of ‘Roses’ is on another plane to the studio version. The track initially released in November 2018. As reported by The Sauce, Karun is introducing the Kenyan audience to her evolved sound much to the public’s delight. The mother of one has had quite the journey to this debut solo release, but she seems to be relishing every moment and enjoying her journey into self-discovery. Check out the live version here.

5. Wanja Wohoro  stays youthful

Empawa 100’s Wanja Wohoro released ‘Youth’ on June 14th, 2019. The track harrowing sound pulls at the heartstrings as Kato Change and Wohoro’s powerful collaboration enchants listeners. Uniquely African yet unexpected, the track is definitely suited to the cold and grey weather during the Kenyan winter. Light yet grounded, this track is a must listen.

Which other Kenyan tracks do you think should be added onto the playlist?

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