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The Seven: Ways of becoming your very own best friend

Today (30.07.19) may be the International day of friendship but what if you could be your own best friend? Here are some tips to being a friend to yourself.

The title of a best friend has always been someone else other than ourselves. From early on we have been taught to nurture interpersonal relationships but a relationship with ourselves was hardly a discussion.

How some of us can be our own harshest critics and be the most understanding friend to others says it all. Still, we can still learn to be our own best friend at any age.

In our first attempt at it, we may have a hard time deflecting the mistaken belief that it is selfish or vain to treat ourselves better. We may also fear the lie that this could lead to sacrificing good friendships for us to be able to be our own best friends. Even as we create or grow meaningful friendships, we can take time to be our own best friends too.

Becoming our own best friends can mean different things to different people. For the most part, it means treating ourselves like we would a dear friend. Which are some of the steps that can we take to become our own best friends?

1. Be aware of how we view ourselves

Being our own best friend stems from a positive self-image. The beautiful thing is that we can control what we think about ourselves and this is a solid power. Positively affirm ourselves. Whatever we believe about who we are will reflect on how we treat ourselves and everyone else.

2. Guarding our hearts

Choosing a positive environment is a show of self-love. Our environment can be the people we interact with, the music we listen to, the films we watch, the conversations we take part in, and so on. Choosing to stay away from anything that dims our spirit, also speaking up and being firm on our stand is a step to being our own best friend.

3. Taking full responsibility for our own happiness

Complaining, blaming others or situations may seem liberating but it is holding us captive. Taking charge of our lives in all circumstances shows that we are own best friends.

4. Enjoying our company

We can spend a day or several hours of the week scheduled only for ourselves, and away from the phone, to get to know and enjoy the company of the person we are becoming. It may seem selfish or even scary if we have never done this before, or wonder what activities we can engage in alone. The more we indulge in it, though, the more rewarding it will get to draw us in back again and again.

5. Compare ourselves with our past

It is easy to fall prey to comparing ourselves with others. If only we can remember at all times that we are all on our personal journeys. Sometimes, we could even compare our lowest moments with the highest moments of other people, thus stunting our personal growth and failing to appreciate our accomplishments. Being our own best friend lets us appreciate where our paths take us and tap into what sets us apart. If ever we must compare, then let’s compare with who we were yesterday.

6. Being kind to ourselves

Self-forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do. We constantly criticize ourselves when we let ourselves down in any minute way but we forgive everyone else. Being kind to, forgiving and giving ourselves the room to make mistakes and improve is to love ourselves unconditionally.

7. Gifting ourselves
Some ideas include revamping the wardrobe, getting a cool gadget, going for a complete make-over, taking classes or any treat that we can afford and that will bring a smile upon our faces.

Are you prepared to become your own best friend?

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