The Seven: Things you should know about the King of Lover’s Rock Jah Cure

Grammy-nominated Jah Cure performed in Nairobi, Kenya last night (07/07.2019).

The ‘Unconditional Love’ crooner set the stage alight with his incredible vocal ability and captivating stage performance. Entertaining Nairobians to the wee hours of the morning, Cure ensured to perform so of his greatest hits including ‘Love Is’, ‘Rasta’ and of course ‘Call On Me’. Visiting the East African city as part of his Royal Soldier tour, Cure also announced that he would hold a listening party to debut his most recent body of work, the ‘Royal Soldier’ album next week Wednesday (10.07.2019), before the album’s official release date on August 30th.

Here are a few things you should know about Jah Cure.

1. Jah Cure’s real name was inspired by a great African leader.

His name is Siccature Alcock. The Kingston native was named after Guinea’s first president Ahmed Sekou Toure. The West African leader took office in 1958 and served until 1984. Toure is praised for his nationalist ideals, leading the state into independence and self-determination.

2. Jah Cure is a firm believer in his African royalty.

Cure has always affirmed African Royalty, through his music. During his wedding with Kamila McDonald in 2011, the couple had their wedding like Ethiopian royalty in a ceremony conducted by an Ethiopian Orthodox priest. The 40-year-old confessed during his performance in Nairobi, that he firmly believes that he “was a king in his past life”, and continues to carry his royal demeanor into this life.

3. Jah Cure is a father.

After marrying Jamaican television personality Kamila McDonald, Cure and Kamila expanded their family, having a daughter whom they named Kailani Belle Alcock. Despite their separation, Kamila and Jah Cure co-parent the young girl, sharing intimate family moments on Instagram.

4. Jah Cure was once a bad boy.

The King of Lover’s Rock was imprisoned from 1999 to 2007, serving seven years in prison after being found guilty for gun possession, robbery, and rape. According to a report on The Guardian, “Cure himself has accused the police of fabricating the evidence to secure his conviction, and this has gained him the support of the Rastafarian community, who believe he was victimized because of his religious beliefs.”

5. One of his biggest albums was made in prison.

Jah Cure’s album ‘ Free Jah Cure, The Album The Truth’ as well as ‘Ghetto Life’ from 2003 were created while he was in prison. According to a report, “he was released from jail on parole on 28 July 2007, after serving 7 years of the sentence. Three days later, his fourth album, ‘True Reflections…A New Beginning’ was released. Just 3 days after he was released, he performed at the headliner at the Reggae Sumfest in August 2007.”

6. Jah Cure is a boss.

Cure created Iyah Cure Records to produce his own music on his own terms. The move gave the ‘Freedom’ crooner more independence from record labels, allowing his creativity to flourish through his work.

7. His latest album could land him a Grammy nomination.

Cure’s latest album ‘Royal Soldier’ set for release on August 30th could land him, his second Grammy nomination. The ‘Pretty Face’ singer has worked with Tory Lanez, Melanie Fiona, and Reggae royalty Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, among many others. His first Grammy nod was for the 2015 album ‘The Cure’.

Jah Cure’s ‘Royal Soldier’ is set to drop on August 30th, 2019.

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