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The Seven: Books That will improve your perspective while single

Being single isn’t a bad thing. Some people are able to cope with it while others find it nearly impossible to get through it. For those who can comfortably say that they love being single it has taken them a long period to fully accept their situation.

There is a lot of growth that takes place from being heartbroken and sad for being single to being happy and in control of their feelings while single. Getting to understand the concept of being single and get to live comfortably can be really difficult for those who can’t accept their situation.

For those going through their single phase in life, here are some exciting books that can be of great help :

  1. “Freshwater” by Akwaeke Emezi

The main character in this book Ada fights a lot of internal struggles that almost shook her off her feet. This book makes you question your inner self and the voices inside your head. How the main character deals with her inner troubles will assist someone who feels damaged to deal with the trauma that comes along with being single.

2. “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed

The book is a collection of essays and letters. It’s a book for people who are going through a gradual change in their daily lives such as getting out of a relationship. The first section of the book includes powerful poems that showcase different forms of human suffering.

In this wonderful book the author offers anecdotes to common-placed life experiences. This book is definitely worth reading.

3. “The Unexpected Joy of Being Single” by Catherine Gray

Catherine Gray stayed approximately a whole year without dating, in abid to explore the satisfaction that comes along with being single. Through her year of study, she was able to crack the social stereotype that “married people are much happier” or he common phrase “ the good ones are already gone”. After reading this book as a single person, you will be able to live without worrying about the cultural notion that a single person is lacking or incomplete. It is a celebration of the single life, a read that is reassuring and comforting.

4. “Someone Else’s Wedding Vows” by Bianca Stone

During this period when one is single, there is a lot that goes on in your mind and you feel torn and conflicted. The author’s voice reminds the reader of the importance of one’s inner self. The book simply helps the reader to break down those thoughts and conflict, working on the ones that have a major impact in their lives. After reading the book you will actually realize how important it is to give more priority and time to yourself and build your life as an individual. That is the only way you will be genuinely be happy.

5. “How To Be Alone: If You Want To, and Even If You Don’t” by Lane Moore.

This book has a wide range of readers. It’s for people who still feel like their past is unresolved since they had to spend it alone due to unavoidable circumstances. Also those that pretend to have friends and force themselves on people who they would rather avoid. In general, it’s for anyone who at some point felt alone and they need to reconnect with themselves. The book offers a feeling of comfort through the author’s words of encouragement.

6.“Emotional First Aid” by Guy Winch, PH. D

In our lives, we all sustain emotional damage. Rejection, loss or even failure. In most cases, we are taught how to deal will physical injuries, however in this book we are taught how to deal with emotional injuries. The author offers simple steps that lead to emotional healing. These steps have been proved to be effective, offering healing to thousands of readers.

7. “How to Be Single and Happy” by Jennifer Taitz.

‘How To Be Single and Happy’ is a guide book and not just another dating book. It assists single people to get over their past relationships, regrets and guilt that came along with it. It encourages readers to stop having expectations from any romantic encounter that comes your way and identify what they need and want in a partner. Jennifer Taitz challenges the social stereotypes about women and teaches people how to live their best lives, by giving tips on how to stay happy and connect with people.

During the single phase, there is a lot of pressure that comes along with it. However, the right reading material could do a world of good to help you get through it.

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