The reluctant USIU digital artist

kenn artiste

Kenneth Gitonga is a 21 year old senior at USIU and an aspiring new age artist, though a reluctant one at that. His trademark afro hairstyle usually sets him apart, but besides that, he is just one of the many students


The digital artiste is one of the few urban artistes harnessing technology to create contemporary art that uses computer technology to express creativity. Kenneth uses a Wacom Tablet and other software to produce his art. For him, digital art is just one of the mediums he uses most. Although his work hasn’t been on display in art gallery, it has been featured in the much acclaimed


The quintessential artist, Kenneth is usually lost in his thoughts, almost shying off from calling himself an artiste.

artiste dig

“It’s a passion derived from the soul. There is much more I need to do before I can fully accept the title,” explains Kenneth.


But his talent speaks for itself yet the man himself believes that there is a journey that every person has to undertake to discover their purpose and meaning of existence.


He loves the various art forms that exist but surrealism such as Salvador Dali and Maria Abromavic does speak to him most.

“Her connection to her performance art is impeccable.”

For those of you that are lost by the word surrealism, it is simply a type of art where the artist creates dream like paintings filled with mysterious objects. Essentially, Surrealism gave artists permission to express their most basic drives: hunger, sexuality, anger, fear, dread, ecstasy, and so forth.


Other artists he likes are street artists such as Banksy and Faith47. He says he is yet to explore the full essence of art in Kenya. From the little he has seen, there are many artists trying to accomplish their styles and techniques.


“Many contemporary artistes are trying to distinguish themselves and create their own identity away from the stereotypical African art,” observes Kenneth.


In his opinion, the general public does not appreciate art and this results to lack of support for the art industry.


He does attribute this problem to the fact that unlike in developed countries, most Kenyans are still struggling with basic necessities

He is uncertain of his future but he feels he is far from discovering himself as artist and hopes that with the many artists and influence around, “there is something that can define what I do in the future.”


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