The laughable cause of rapper Bey T’s beef and fire diss track towards Tanasha Donna

There is proper music industry beef, petty beef like 50 Cent constant beef with anything that moves and there is child’s play that is the beef between upcoming rapper Bey T and radio presenter Tanasha Donna.

Talented upcoming rapper Bey T has come out guns blazing to call out radio presenter turned artist Tanasha Donna for stealing her catchphrase.

The ‘If They Dunno’ hitmaker took to social media recently to allegedly accuse Tanasha who released her debut music ‘Radio’ a few weeks ago as reported by The Sauce, and claim she’s sampled a part of it from her music.

According to Bey T, Diamond’s bae stole the phrase “Kenya to the World” and now she has released a diss track called ‘Don to the Donna’ directed towards Tanasha. Bey T also called Tanasha a clout chaser who is using her ‘work’ to get ahead.

“Someone tell Tanasha to stop wave riding,” she wrote on her Instagram.

In response to the allegations of plagiarism, Tanasha who is teasing a new song titled ‘Naheasy’ set to drop in three weeks hit back subtly by saying she didn’t know a phrase could be owned by anyone.

“Too much hate in this world. Jealousy is a disease. They’ll start beef over a phrase they think they invented when it has been used by so many artists in the 254, What’s wrong with this world though? What happened to empowering one another?” she posted.

To the diss track, Tanasha replied on her Instagram stories, “I hear they wrote me a whole love letter, I’m flattered.”

Early this year, The Sauce reported that Bey T is one of Kenya’s fast-rising artists to look out for in 2019. True that the upcoming rapper was the only Kenyan artist to go for the EmPawa artist mentorship programme in South Africa courtesy of Nigerian artist Mr. Eazi.

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