The ideal man for the 18, 25 and 30 year old


We (and I mean ladies here) have this ideal, knight-in-shining armor guy who will sweep us off our feet at some point in our life. We replay the ideal wedding scene time and time again, especially when you are younger. But as we grow older, our priorities change, we become more realistic and real life kicks in. So we asked a few ladies of varying ages; 18, 25 and 30 years what their ideal man checklist looks like. You will be surprised at what women want. Time does really change people. Ladies especially.


18 year old Megan:

  • He has to be tall, chocolate skinned and handsome….very good looking and with a good body.
  • Dresses well with a certain form of swag. I love official wear.
  • Can cook so that when I am sick he makes me soup.
  • Drives a Ferrari, or a good car and a stylish one at that.
  • I am a fan of the legendary Cinderella tales so I would like to lead a love life close to the same
  • An adventurous guy loves to travel or go for hikes.
  • A guy who holds my hand when we walk on the streets
  • A guy who will not forget important dates like my Birthday.
  • A guy who takes me as his date to parties and is not a player.
  • He will text me back and does not take too long to reply.
  • He makes me smile and has a sense of humour
  • He will run after me when I walk away after an argument.
  • Stay up with me the whole night when I can’t sleep.


25 year old Mary:

v      Be financially stable and able to provide.

v      Be kind and generous

v      Be ambitious and a go getter

v      Have a sense of humor and make me laugh

v      Be spontaneous.

v      Is not afraid to introduce me to family and friends.

v      He should be older than me.

v      Even if we do not share the same belief, the guy should be spiritual.

v      He should be a family man which means he still maintains ties with his extended family.

v      A guy who is a gentleman and treats me well.

v      He wants to have a family.

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