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The difference between KU guys and JKUAT guys


In the past, I have been accused of throwing too many literary jabs at my campus sisters. That’s not true really. There’s an African saying that goes, ‘The mother that canes you many times will love you for many years.’ Despite the consolation of this saying, I must admit that the concern has forced me to take a short sabbatical from the ladies in order to evaluate us guys, more specifically KU and JKUAT guys.

KU guys and JKUAT guys are different in so many ways. Perhaps the only similarity is that we are all male. Without bias or allegiance, let me explain:


Attitude towards ladies

JKUAT carries too many members of Team Mafisi. This is really not their fault given the gulf in numbers between them and their female counterparts.  You can’t leave a JKUAT guy with your girlfriend for ten minutes. Tables will turn. These guys don’t have the luxury of choice, they sweep mercilessly and thoroughly. The highest occurrences of room exiles occur in this prestigious institution. I have a friend from JKUAT who’s more interested in studies than ladies.  Last semester, he spent only two weekends out of the 12 in his hostel room. The rest of the weekends were ‘booked’ by his randy room mate. JKUAT guys who have girlfriends in the same institution always end up being the protective type since the competition is too tough to handle.

KU guys on the other hand masquerade as gentleman. The female population exceeds the male population by quite a large number hence there is choice. There are more players in KU than any other university in Kenya. These are different kinds of players though. They treat their escorts in the same way an African king treats his wives- with respect, not as chips fungas. As a result, KU guys are adored and fought for by the ladies. Take a simple walk from KU’s main gate to the shopping center. You will bump into several couples. Take a walk from JKUAT’s main gate to the library. You will bump into groups of guys.


Pocket power

JKUAT guys have extra cash and they always have the chance to elude campus poverty. This is because they get most of the things on the cheap. Food is cheap in Juja as well as accommodation.  The only problem is that most JKUAT guys are stingy. You’ll still find 5 guys sharing a bedsitter room despite the fact that a one bedroom house only goes for around 7k per month. The spendthrift guys always rave every Friday in Thika. Others waste all their money trying to woo the ladies.

KU guys also have money. Someone once had a conspiracy theory that KU guys are allocated more HELB loan than guys in other universities. How else can you explain the case of a person willing to buy a hostel room from a fellow student for 14K. That’s madness, but the theory is also rubbish. KU guys rave as far as Westlands and the CBD. Beer stocks at the Student’s Annex are always cleared every weekend. This shows pocket power. Accommodation around KU main campus is very expensive but guys still afford it. Some commute from as far as Kasarani, having no problems with fair or rent whatsoever.



JKUAT is full of geniuses and innovators- book smart guys. Most of these guys have the guarantee of a bright future. You won’t find many guys taking retakes and supplementary in JKUAT despite the tough courses present. In terms of class work, JKUAT guys are way ahead of their KU brothers. Unlike majority of KU guys, JKUAT guys don’t wait until the approach of exam season in order to study, they do so willingly and happily.

KU guys also work hard. However, their hard work is mostly focused on hustling rather than academics. Quite a number of students have part time jobs in order to make ends meet. KU guys are more of street smart than book smart. Cases of retakes are normal in KU.  When exams are approaching, the campus is always overpopulated but during normal days, the numbers are just below the registration list. Lecturers have become used to the shock that comes with fluctuating class sizes. For example, a lecturer might come to class, teach for thirty minutes then decide to give an impromptu test straight away. The size of attendance usually doubles within the next five minutes after his announcement.  Guys stream in like bees after being alerted by friends.




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