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The Art of online seduction: 5 ways to get her attention

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Let’s face it, more and more people are getting hookups on line compared to on ground. There’s a reason Facebook is more ideal for seduction than Twitter. Unlike Twitter, Facebook has space for elaboration. However, it’s tough being a man with a Facebook account. Every time you log in you see pictures of fine ladies. You wonder what to do. There’s always a high chance that you will make a fool out of yourself by approaching a girl on Facebook. I like helping people and at this point, I’d love to advice my fellow men.

If you are a novice you’ll find it harder seducing a chic on Facebook than any other place. Most of the times, you will get rejected, ignored or insulted. Chics on Facebook are always on their defensive mode. This is because humans are naturally obstinate and willful creatures, who are prone to suspicions of people’s motives. It is only natural that in the course of any seduction, your target will resist your approach. Seductions, then, are rarely easy or without setbacks.

You might wonder why a lady who keeps exposing most of her body through pictures is playing so hard to get. Well, hot chics are always defensive on Facebook not because they don’t want to be seduced, but because they are tired of the unworthy suitors. They are tired of the senseless wall posts from guys on their timeline and the numerous inbox messages. So what you really need to do is stand out from the annoying crowd. Here’s how:

1. Avoid clichés

When it comes to seduction, guys never learn. We keep saying the same things and using the same phrases.  A girl posts a nice pic and all the 50 comments from niggas are revolving around the same phrase, “You are so hot!” When most guys hit the inbox, all they talk about is common things. Talk smart and be out of the ordinary. Ladies love men who pose a challenge, men who don’t feel intimidated. Your move should have a theatrical quality to it. That will make it memorable, and make your aggressiveness seem pleasant.

The best way to seduce a lady is by unsettling her at a moment when she feels most powerful. Most ladies believe that their beauty has power over all men. When she posts that picture make a joke or comment on something weird about it. She’ll get unsettled and wonder why you aren’t mesmerized like the rest of the guys. She will end up checking out your Facebook profile; let’s just hope she won’t be disappointed by what she sees. Sometimes less info about your personal life makes you look mystic. If you seem cool, she’ll work on getting your attention or disapproving you.  Pretend to be aware but disinterested in her charming efforts and she’ll come to harbor a secret desire for you.

2. Appear harmless but cool

I repeat, never allow a lady you have just met to put on her defensive gear. Impression matters. Portraying yourself as a Don Juan will lead a lady into making negative conclusions about you:- Conclusions that won’t be easily re-evaluated. It is unwise to usher in the sex subject every moment a chat picks up. Many ladies don’t love dirty chats. Only a few do. The fact that these ladies don’t love dirty chats doesn’t mean they don’t like getting dirty.  You’ll be surprised at what the most principled chic can do behind closed doors. So don’t mess up on your journey to the closed doors.

If you ever sense that the victim is expecting the bold move, take a step back. Lull them into a false sense of security, then strike. Never try to convince her that you are good in bed. Real gunslingers shoot, they don’t yap about their guns. Remember to update sensible or funny stuff on your timeline. Have an air of maturity and responsibility around you. Conduct your online activities in a cool and nonchalant manner. Photos are essential too. Post pictures that portray you as someone who’s fun to be with.

3. Let the chat be about her, not you.

Another mistake men make is engaging in mild bragging. Don’t try too hard to prove to her that you are a force to reckon with. It doesn’t matter where you work or how popular you are. Just throw in hints at intervals.  Give obscure, vague hints of the cool things you do. Let her ask then confirm them. Let her get impressed all by herself, don’t try to impress her.

It’s fascinating to ask questions, get to know her. Your questions should be objective, they should make sense.  Make her tell you about the sad areas of her life then comfort her. Be her sweet angel.  Concentrate on the things she loves, not the things you love.

4. Stay on your lane

Make maneuvers that are within your scope. It’s unwise to try seducing a chic from Karen when you are from Malakisi or Matungulu. It’s also unwise to go after an average chic when you have class yourself.  Deal with ladies that have a lifestyle similar to yours or those that seek to have a lifestyle similar to yours. Don’t make life too difficult for yourself. Birds of a feather understand each other much better. Once you have the ideal target, don’t engage them too often. Don’t hunt your target. Give them space to recall the last chat and look forward to the next. If you are always in their face, always the aggressor, they will become used to being passive and the tension in your seduction will flag.

5. Take it offline

After your online chemistry has grown, move out of Facebook. By this I don’t mean closing your Facebook account, I mean getting her number and meeting for a real date. Facebook has its technological constraints. At times, you’ll find yourself desperately waiting for a reply. You’ll keep refreshing the inbox all the time. But once you have her number and you are sure she likes you, you can call her, WhatsApp her, text her and meet up with her. And that’s when you let your manly instincts do everything.

Learn to read the signs that the target is falling for you. Don’t take too long. Holding back at the end out of fear of offending is a recipe for disaster. Boldness is bracing, erotic, and absolutely necessary to bring the seduction to its conclusion. Done right, it tells your targets that they have made you lose your normal restraint, and gives them license to do so as well.

Written by Philip Etemesi (KU)

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