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The 6 types of ladies that drive campus guys crazy

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Campus guys love different kinds of ladies. The choice mostly depends on a number of things, including exposure, priorities and level of lust. In campus, there are many ladies, different shades, different personalities and different looks.  There’s variety but what exactly do we guys love? I am talking about guys that have had a decent campus life and I am pretty sure that most guys have.

By decent college life, I mean you have interacted with ladies well enough and you have experienced the little joys that campus life brings. If you haven’t done so yet, please do. Relish in your campus glory because you will have access to women after college, but they just will be exponentially more expensive. Here are the types of ladies we campus guys are obsessed with.

The free Spirited Girl

Campus guys love this kind of lady because she’s always ready to ride along so long as you show a tinge of coolness. You don’t have to put forth much effort for this one because she’s just as down for the deed as you are. She has a free spirit and the ability to just let lose. She’s a professional in the bedroom or should I say hostel room? She knows what to do and when to do it. When you turn her over, she turns, she doesn’t object. This girl always keeps you going back for more even when you are sure she might be lost.

She has a daring fashion sense: short shorts and skirts, rib and shoulder tattoos, and enough piercings to make her draw the magnet off your refrigerator.   You can’t help but to dive face first into this train wreck, literally. She’s fun to be with and loves to party. She’s more likely to end your dry spell than any good girl and she just doesn’t love relationships.

The girlfriend

The girlfriend really keeps you happy. That’s if you are lucky enough to get a good one. She keeps you healthy. You get good sex several times a week and delicious well-cooked meals to accompany that. She lets you smash all you can and when she calls, you drop everything you are doing just to be with her. You argue sometimes but she’s always ready to forgive you. She’s ever decent and has her own set of principles. All of your friends know that this she’s your number one and none of them can mess with her. She complements you.

 The Nerd or Innocent girl

There are two types of girls in this category; the fresher and the average nice girl. The nerd (average nice girl) is perhaps the most strategic sexual acquisition of your collegiate career.  She’s okay but far from anything that you want to be seen with. However, you find yourself still willing to make the sacrifice. Most of the time, her fashion sense isn’t as appealing as that of the hot cake girls but she isn’t bad.

She’s an academic freak who knows all the calculus sums that the lecturer failed to solve. Once she likes you, she can be useful in so many ways. She can help boost your grades for example.  Don’t let the square framed glasses fool you. It’s always the quiet ones that have the most aggressive sexual behavior. Also, due to the fact of her low demand and her desperation for some fun, she’s always ready to do anything to please a guy that she likes.

Then there’s the first year girl. There is nothing more exciting than acquiring a nice fresher girl in college. Not only is she naïve and unaware of what’s about to happen the next four years, but she will love you just based on the fact that you are older and mature.  Her fellow first year dudes maybe don’t meet her mark. They dress like Ding Dong and take her to Kwa Lucy hotel for lunch. By senior year you’ve probably been with your entire year, so the urge to trend lower sometimes comes. The fruit only ripens once.

The trophy

This might be a friend or just a side chic. She’s hotter than everyone else including the ex and the girlfriend if there’s one. A guy loves this kind of chic so that he shows her off to his friends. Even when she’s just a friend, he’ll lie to his buddies that he’s sleeping with her so that he garners some respect.  A guy always wants to be seen around this kind of chic


The ‘Friend’

I have put ‘friend’ in quotes, since this friendship always goes past the limit sometimes. The two of you like each other so much but neither of you wants to accept it.  Maybe none of you is single. She might be having a boyfriend in another campus and so she needs company in her campus too. Hence, the two of you are pretty close.

When you go partying together or just decide to have fun in your place then the two of you get five shots over your limit, and you end up doing the inevitable. When she’s sober in the morning she will always preach that she just wants to remain friends. And then the friendship will continues again or it becomes very awkward.

The Ex

No other woman can really beat the ex a guy was in love with. Every other woman that comes along never seems to be good enough. Once in a while, a guy will always cheat with the ex-especially if they are friends.  Ladies, if your guy is friends with the ex, always know that you are not alone. There are three of you in that merry-go-round.

Most people who have tried it agree that sex with the ex is always magical, especially if it’s been like three months since the two of you got together. I am not saying I have done it but it happens. Sometimes the ladies that succeed the ex all seem under par, Maybe one didn’t know how to kiss, or the other can’t do more than five minutes. The ex will come up to visit and then things just happen.

Written by Philip Etemesi (KU)

To read more articles by Philip Etemesi, click here: Articles by Etemesi

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