Tanasha Donna takes to the Gram to prove her date of birth after announcing a shared bash with Mama Dangote

Since her coupling with Bongo star Diamond Platnumz, Kenyan socialite, singer, and radio host Tanasha Donna continues to stay in the news.

Whether she provokes online trolls or is keen to gain validation from non-factors, Tanasha’s online persona is all over the place. The ‘Radio’ songstress took to her Instagram stories to address all the rumors of her heritage and identity. She displayed her passport details proving to the haters that her real name actually is Tanasha Donna Oketch. She wrote on her Insta stories, “For all the fools who seem to know my life story better than me and who claim I fake my names, birthday and age.”

Diamond Platnumz girlfriend has often been the subject of discussion online with many recently questioning the details of her identity, as it seems many did not believe that she shared the same birth date as Diamond Platnumz mother. Sharing images of a private chat with a friend, Donna went on to refer to the trolls as ‘bored fools’. In the text message exchange, her friend points out “people can never get enough of gossip” to which Tanasha responds, “…people are ridiculous.”

The debacle continued to unfold online as she and Mama Dangote are sent to host a Great Gatsby party in Dar es Salaam’s lush Milimani City, set for July 7th. The exclusive private party is already the talk of the town with only the who’s who set to attend the elite 707 event.  The digital influencer who refers to herself as a ‘Woman of God’ shared the official poster to the event, and it has elicited mixed responses from fans and trolls alike.

One asked Tanasha, “What have you been doing all those days that you’re noticing today that you share a birthday ugh” One Instagram user robie_the_queen commented, “Enjoy every single moment my dears, don’t listen to haters, if they don’t like it let dem go hang” while another urged Donna to pay no mind to the haters. One Instagram user wrote, ” You have nothing to prove to anyone hunny, “asiyekupenda achana naye, anayekupenda pendana naye.” You will always have haters on your way up. Do you!!”

Tanasha Donna will celebrate her birthday in Tanzania alongside her boyfriend’s mother Mama Dangote in an exclusive party in Dar es Salaam. The radio host is also set to drop a new track soon, teasing the release via social media.

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