Take note ladies, here are the seven signs that you have been dickmatized

Human beings crave love. In the search, you might find your soulmate who will love you forever or you can find a man whose prowess in bed hypnotises you.

This ‘hypnosis’ is called being dickmatized. It is used to explain a situation whereby a lady is obsessed with a man’s manhood because the sex is so good, and this makes her lose her sense of reasoning.

In short, she takes unusual decisions or behaves irrationally under the influence of the D or she starts catching feelings for a man while in actual sense, it’s for the amazing sex.

Below are signs that you’ve become dickmatized:

1. You know he’s not good for you, you keep compromising your values, constantly treats you lesser than you deserve and you know the relationship has no future but you can’t leave him because he’s great between the sheets.

2. Friends and family warn you about him but you just can’t leave him because of the D. You even fight with them or cut ties with them. “They don’t understand,” you keep saying.

3. You leave important things like work, projects, and even friends and family whenever he calls. Also would do the deed anywhere anytime because he gives to you good.

4. You can’t concentrate on tasks because you keep thinking of the D the times you’ve had it and the next time you will.

5. You keep going back to him even after you’ve called it quits. There’s no escaping, your heart says no but your body says yes to him.

6. You can’t tell if you’re in love with him or it’s just about the D. He is not even your type or you can’t even tell why you are with him except that he is good in bed.

7. He doesn’t add value to you in any way except giving you the good D. You never see him outside the bedroom, no dates, you don’t talk or spend quality time and he doesn’t show his affection for you in any other way than having sex.

Good news is that you can get yourself out of this situation by admitting that your ‘relationship’ with this guy is not good for you, keeping your distance from him, delete his contacts and don’t cave in to the desire to see him or let him talk you into having sex for ‘the last time.’

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