Students could face charges as viral video captures bullying at Technical University of Mombasa

Bullying is still rampant in Kenya’s institutions of learning, including the Technical University of Mombasa.

A viral video showed a student from the Technical University of Mombasa being assaulted. The young man identified as Alloys was being badly beaten by an unidentified trio. The viral video saw the young man being asked to answer for a friendly encounter he had with one of the men’s ‘girlfriends’. Unable to stand up for himself, and seemingly overpowered by the trio, the young man Alloys was beaten nearly to unconsciousness.

The two students in the video identified as Chinga and Cedric are also confirmed to be students at the public university. The video in question shows only one student beating Alloys while the other stands over the helpless youngin, kicking him to keep him from retaliating. The girl who is at the center of this fight Angel, “is purported to be hanging out with the duo and were close but wasn’t dating any of them. This is entirely a jealousy case that drove them to assault the young man” according to tweep @ItsBravin.” Kenyans online were quick to react to the disturbing video, outraged at the senseless beating that Alloys received.

The video could have the two students face charges for assault.

The Technical University of Mombasa is yet to release a statement on the assault of Alloys caught on camera.

Attempts to reach the university were foiled, as they declined to pick calls.

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