Stivo Simple Boy drops a gospel release as Otile Brown offers ‘Siku Yetu’ for the lovers

The weekend is here, and Kenya’s musicians have been busy in the studio cooking a variety of tracks. Here are some of the dopest releases of this week (8/9/2019).

1. Stivo Simple Boy- I Lift You Higher

Simple Boy came from being the laughing stock among his social group to being one of Kenya’s most recent success stories. Not one to shy away from his rough childhood, Stivo has now dipped his toes into the Gospel music industry. His latest track ‘I Lift You Higher’ is a thanksgiving release, a collaboration with Scheneider Shanny. Shot in Kibera, the track is simple, with notable lyrics that are set to bring anyone into a mood of utter gratitude. The track is Stivo’s second release after the mega-hit ‘Mihadarati’ which went viral in June 2019, despite its release in 2017.

2.Otile Brown – Siku Yetu

Otile Brown is back again. The Mombasa born and bred star is holding it down for all who enjoy some bongo fusion music. The track ‘Siku Yetu’ is an effortless serenade backed by a straightforward beat. Brown has mastered the art of keeping it simple, letting his vocals shine through. The lyrics are all of the things a young woman would like to hear, as Brown is a smooth talker listing all the dates he would like to take his love interest, and his melodies would make it difficult for any woman to refuse his advances.

3.Octopizzo – Kanye

Octopizzo may have found the most creative way to rap about his love for ‘Mary Jane’. In classic Namba Nane style, Octo is quick with the wordplay and satisfies fans with the intricate beat that combines percussion and piano strokes, to make for an all-round entertaining musical arrangement. Octopizzo keeps his hook and chorus catchy and simple applying the code for a chart-topper.

Which one is your favorite?

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