Social entrepreneur Fadhili Wilkins’ reputation suffers major blow after expose

Fadhili Wilkins has been known as the man behind the brands, but is he really?

Wilkins has been trotting around town as a brand strategist, who has changed the lives of many. Unfortunately, a few revelations have come to light. Fadhili Wilkins who goes by the moniker ‘Man Behind Brands’ may be nothing but hot air. The young man who found notoriety in his early 20s after an invite to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2015 hosted by President Uhuru Kenyatta at the United Nations Complex, might alledgedly be a hoax. Since being hosted as a guest speaker, he has leveraged his name and public persona to con many off their hard-earned money.

Among the Safaricom BLAZE mentors, he also managed to get his name as a nominee in the 30 under 30 Forbes List Africa. Young and determined, it seems that Wilkins would stop at nothing to create the public image that would have him managing the biggest and best brands in East Africa. Hailed as a visionary by many, it seems that his supposed prowess worked for a while until famed journalist Larry Madowo called him out.

Known as a social entrepreneur, brand strategist and proprietor of Fashion Torch Hub Africa, his reputation preceded him as rumors of his millionaire status made the rounds online, leading many to questing how he made so much money. According to an interview with Capital Campus, he said “Well, I got an inbox on Facebook requesting me to write an email about what we do at Fashion Torch. Of course, it was peculiar but I went ahead and did it. That’s how I got an opportunity to pitch to 1608 creatives” leading him to secure a grant worth Ksh16.5M.

As Kenyans on Twitter demand the truth behind his various business ventures, Larry Madowo, Edith Kimani, rapper Wangechi and even Blaze Mentor Olive Karmen have had lots to say about his shoddy business practices.


Wilkins has taken to Twitter for a chance to address the matter. More details are to follow are the story develops.

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