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Shao: I am totally different from my character in Mali

Lights, camera, action…those are the cliché words we think about when someone mentions an actor or movie oh and wait for it…cut! Actors have their personalities and most people often relate these characters to those on screen. For instance, most children that grew up during the Harry Potter era would forget that the actor’s real name is Daniel Radcliff. Chances are if he was walking right in front of you, your instinct would whisper “look its Harry Potter”.

That’s beside the point am trying to make. Actors and Actresses often find themselves being hated for the character they are playing or loved. I interviewed Gladness John better known as Gladys Shao. The former Miss USIU 2010/2011 gives us an insight of her life as an actor and student, separating Shao the student and Mimo the actor.


What are your full names?

Gladness John

Why Gladys?

I always knew my name as Gladys while growing up.

What’s the name of your character on Mali and what’s her character like?

Mimo, she was very nosey but she was a sucker for love. She fell in love with the rich kid but not for his money.

Can you relate to her?

I can’t relate to her because there was nothing that I was acting that was part of me. That’s why I think maybe I wasn’t able to give it my best I could say. And I didn’t really like that character because on a normal day I don’t really go after boys and am not a sucker for love. Am not lovey dovey… erm…yes so there’s nothing of mimo that I would say that’s part of Gladys not at all probably the talking I guess but nothing else.

Is acting your dream job?

Acting has never been my dream job. I actually did it because of the money.

So how did you get the job?

I had gone for some other auditions and then the director of the show heard me talking Kiswahili and she liked my accent so she was like please don’t continue the auditions of this thing come to my show.  Yet they had already found someone else to play the character.

What is your dream job and why?

My dream job is to be a news anchor I want to be a prominent Swahili news anchor. I’ve always had a passion to inform people.

How do you get into your acting zone? Do you have rituals?

Nothing much giggles I was just doing it for money like I said.

Was acting away from home a difficult task?

It’s never been difficult not at all because I’ve always been in Kenya all my life. I’ve always studied in Kenya.

Did it interfere with anything?

Probably going to class a little late because of traffic and am coming back from shooting and I have a class in the afternoon but I would say nothing much it didn’t really interfere with anything.

Are you single and searching or just single and happy or best yet taken?

Giggles…sighs…am single and searching.

Most people think you dress well, would you say you have a love for fashion or is just a natural instinct?

Wow…smiles… that’s a compliment I never knew I dressed well. Maybe people think I dress well because maybe I wear things that fit my body. Things that go with me… that is what I mean. Natural I guess am not a fashonista I just wear what I think will look good on me.

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food would be pork ribs especially Spur Ribs or pasta I really really love pasta especially art pesto.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I think it would be Egypt, because I really like just the history of that part of the world. Egypt would definitely be a country I’d love to go to most.

What are your hobbies?

Chilling with my friends basically I could do that all day…January to December just me and my friends; eat, sleep talk…just chilling and having a great time.

If you were an animal which one would you be and why?

My gosh! What would I be? I don’t know. A parrot! Because I talk too freaking much!




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