Separated at birth? Mystery of look-alike teen girls to be solved with DNA tests

Two identical girls who suspect they were separated at birth in 1999 will soon find out if they are indeed related.

Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo, who reunited on Tuesday (09.04.19) last week in Furfural village in Kakamega County, made an emotional plea for a DNA test and their prayers seem to have finally been answered, Nairobi News reported.

The matter caught the attention of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), this week and the institution expressed willingness to fund the DNA testing process. “This is a matter of public interest and to bring it to closure for the interested parties, KEMRI will be willing to offer DNA services if requested,” Prof Sam Kariuki, KEMRI’s Director Research and Development said.

Both girls are KCSE candidates. Sharon studies at Shikoti Girls High School while Melon is at Kongoni Secondary School. Both schools are in Kakamega County.

They said they would like the matter to be cleared as soon as possible so that they can focus on preparing for their national exams at the end of the year. They also appealed to professional counselors to come out and help them cope up with the new development in their lives.

According to Melon, the unfolding events have put both of them in a strange situation, although they are happy to know each other.

The two said that their parents had also been plunged into a dilemma and were also eager to know their identities.
“My mother who is in Nairobi wants to know what went wrong. And back in Furfural, the other family is anxious but all I can say is that I will not abandon Sharon no matter the outcome of the DNA test,” explained Melon.

Their sentiments were echoed by Mevis, who has been Sharon’s twin sister since they were born. “I also want the DNA test to be done so that I know whether my mother is Rosemary Khavereri Onyango or Angeline Omina, who stays in Kangemi, Nairobi because as an individual it might affect me in future,” said Mevis, maintaining that she will always respect the two women as her parents.

Sharon and Melon grew up without knowing about each other’s existence but things changed when they joined high school. One day last year, Sharon’s schoolmates met Melon during a school event and when they returned to their institution, they informed her what they had seen. Later, Melon’s teachers met Sharon during a motivational talk at Masinde Muliro University. The striking resemblance shocked them.

With these developments and having heard about each other, they soon connected on Facebook after Melon was shown Sharon’s Facebook link and she sent a friend request. During their interactions on social media, the two said they would joke about how similar their photos appeared.

The parents of the three teenagers lastly said they would be satisfied after the DNA is conducted.