Safaricom announce Michael Joseph to serve as interim CEO after Bob Collymore’s sudden demise

Yesterday (1.07.2019) Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore died in his home leaving his family, friends and the nation at large in mourning.

This morning (2.07.2019) Collymore’s body was transported from Lee Funeral Home to Kariokor for cremation. And as earlier reported by The Sauce, Collymore’s sudden demise left the telecommunication corporation is distress without no clear leadership. Safaricom Board Chairman Nicholas Nganga addressed the members of the press said he could not give a lot of details of the burial and called for time to give the family time to prepare.did not give any information on the leadership of Safaricom but did make a plea for privacy and understanding for the family in the wake of the sad news. He said he could not give a lot of details of the burial and called for time to give the family time to prepare.

The Company Secretary Kathyrne Maudu released a statement informing the public that former CEO Michael Joseph would take over as interim CEO after the sudden death of Collymore. The statement read, “Following the passing of Chief Executive Officer Bob William Collymore on 1st July 2019, at a special board meeting of Directors …the Board resolved to appoint Mr. Michael Joseph as the interim Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.Mr. Joseph will hold the position until the Board communicates in due course on a permanent appointment.”

A report on Collymore’s impact on telecommunication giant Safaricom indicated just how much impact he had on the local economy through his leadership at Safaricom. The Daily Nation reports, “When Bob Collymore joined Safaricom in November 2010, the company had just under 16 million subscribers; about eight million customers used M-Pesa and the firm was making Sh15 billion in net profit. The profit figure has grown fourfold in the nearly one decade that Mr. Collymore was the Safaricom chief executive. The most profitable firm in the region, which now generates annual revenue of about Sh240 billion, has fast become an essential aspect of its customers’ lives.”

A memorial service is set to be held later in the week.

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