S. Africans lament over major security lapse as shots fired after Global Citizen concert

The Global Citizen Mandela 100 concluded just a few hours ago.

The concert that took place in Johannesburg’s FNB stadium, came to a sad end as Beyonce shut down the show with an epic performance. With several wardrobe changes and lots of dance moves to match her high energy show; the thousands in attendance were more than delighted. However, the audience members could not have been prepared for the dangers that awaited them behind the gates of the stadium.

One Twitter user went on to share her chilling experience as she tried to get home in one piece as thugs harassed and threatened revealers just a few meters outside of the stadium.

According to the revelers in attendance, as soon the curtain came down on the show, audience members rushed to the gates hoping to avoid the traffick. In the hopes of securing a cab, many efforts to order an Uber were met with inflated rates as taxi drivers tried to swindle revelers of cash; banking their helplessness in the wee hours of the night. As revelers were robbed of their belongings, shots were fired as police stood by not taking much action to keep concert-goers safe.


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