Recap: ‘Who shot Ghost’ on the hit series ‘Power’ still remains a mystery

Power fans globally are not impressed that the show creators are dragging out the inevitable, who shot Ghost?


The midseason finale left Power fans on a major cliffhanger, the show’s star Omari Hardwick who plays the role of James St. Patrick popularly known as Ghost was shot and supposedly killed on Power season six episode 10.  “Who shot Ghost?” was the biggest mystery waiting to be uncovered all through the holidays.

Now two episodes into the second half of the final season dubbed the ‘Final Betrayal’, diehard fans of the hit TV series are at a loss as no one knows who shot the main character despite the many theories. Although the answer is not yet clear, there have been a couple of eliminations so far.

In episode 11 dubbed ‘Still Dre’, we see another show favourite Andre Coleman aka Rotimi Akinosho try to get out of the drugs business with his girlfriend and baby girl Heaven. He asks for help from his mum, blackmails Tasha and Ghost for money as well as try to make a deal with the Feds but before he goes on the run for good, he goes to Truth to kill Ghost but hears a gunshot before he gets to Ghost. The episode ends with Dre being murdered inside his jail cell so it’s clear that he did not shoot Ghost.

In episode 12, dubbed ‘He Always Wins’ Angela Valdez’ sister Paz is eliminated from the suspect list as she only wakes up to the news that Ghost has been shot after a day of trying to seek allies in the pursuit of justice or vengeance. She forms an alliance with Warner; they hatch a plan to arrest Ghost for the murder of Angela but things don’t go as planned. She goes back and forth between taking care of her ailing father, finding school fees for her son, asking Tommy to kill Ghost, Ghost and Tasha who told her that trying to get Ghost arrested is a waste of time as he always wins. She also finds out from Tasha that Tommy killed Angela.

The upcoming episodes leading up to the finale will continue to seemingly remove certain characters from the who shot Ghost suspect list. With Dre and Paz in the clear, the main suspects remain Tariq, Tasha, Tommy, Tate and Saxe.

Who do you think shot Ghost?

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