Rapper Kush Tracey has ditched secular music for salvation

It’s a new dawn for rapper Kush Tracey who has ditched secular music after being born again.

The former secular rapper and TV presenter at Switch TV has been missing in action in the music scene announced her decision to give her life to Christ on Sunday, January 13th, 2019 on social media.

She attended a church service at Mavuno church where she got born again. Kush who now refers to herself as “Daughter of the Most High” on social media, revealed that her giving her life to Christ has been a long time coming and she had been fighting her inner spirit every time she was doing secular music but now she is ready to embark on the journey to fulfill her divine destiny.

The number of female secular musicians is decreasing as more and more cross over to the gospel industry. At least 8 former female secular musicians are now gospel artistes.

The likes of “Sweet Love” hitmaker Wahu, Amani, Marya gave their lives to Christ last year, whereas Size 8, Lady Bee have now been born again Christians and have been singing gospel music for more than five years.

Kush Tracey has been in the music industry for about two years and is known for hits like “Huwezi nidandia”, “Aye”, “Ndulu” and “Mtajua hamjui.” The rapper’s career was further propelled when her failed relationship with fellow rapper Timmy over an alleged physical attack at a popular nightclub.

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