Queer Eye’s style guru Tan France admits his social media habits keep him awake

Tan France feels “exhausted” after filming ‘Queer Eye’ as it’s so “emotionally charged”.

The 36-year-old designer struggles to “hold a proper conversation” when he returns home from filming the Netflix series and admits that although he’d like filling his evenings with work, he spends his time on social media.

In an interview with Britain’s Grazia magazine, he said: “Our show is very emotionally charged so depending on what scene we’re filming that day, when I get home I’m usually very happy but also exhausted. I can’t hold a proper conversation.

“After filming, we have a car that takes us home and I’d love to sound professional and say I spend time replying to emails but I’m usually on Instagram checking everyone’s stories, and once I’ve exhausted Instagram I go over to Twitter and once I’ve exhausted Twitter I move over to Facebook. ”

Tan went on to confess that he’s in bed by “10.30pm at the latest” and is sometimes “kept awake” by anxieties about who he’ll be working with the next day.

He said: “I’m in bed by 10.30pm at the latest. The last thing I do when I’m under the covers is go on Instagram or YouTube. If anything keeps me awake at night, it’s what’s going on in my own mind.

“These days I’m doing something relatively new every day, so it’s ‘Am I going to like the person I’m going to be working with? Is that person going to like me?'”

The fashion expert – who is married to Rob France – added that he’s a “cuddly sleeper” but needs eight hours of sleep if he’s going to be in a good mood.

He said: “I’m a cuddly sleeper and definitely the big spoon. I usually get eight hours sleep and if I don’t I’m definitely not in the best mood. ”

Tan France is an acclaimed English fashion designer, television personality, and author. He gained popularity worldwide as the fashion expert in the Netflix series Queer Eye which first aired in 2018.

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