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Pre-Qualification testing : what to expect, and who has to prepare

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Pre-employment tests give employers insights into the capabilities and traits of potential hires and help the company sift through various candidates to find one that fits a particular position. 

While in school, I remember how exams were mandatory to take before you progressed on to the next class or grade. If you passed you joined the next class but if not, you had to repeat. This would go on from high school to higher learning institutions.

Employers too use a variety of tests process to verify the information provided by the candidates on their resume. The tests also help the company sift through various candidates and find one that fits a particular position. They are called the pre-employment tests, they give employers insights into the capabilities and traits of potential hires.

In this two-part series, we highlight the type of test you should expect (part 1) and how you should prepare (part 2). Here are some of the tests you can expect:     

1.Aptitude Test                                                                                                                  

This type of test is used to measure your general intelligence and ability to perform a specific job. It is also known as cognitive ability test. It highlights your ability to use logical, verbal and numeric reasoning which is relevant to the job. Many companies use it to get accurate prediction on the candidate’s job performance. Please note that this isn’t the same as an IQ test.   

2.Personality Test

Having the right personality traits for the job is necessary and equally important. This test is given to understand if your personality goes hand in hand with the company’s culture. In most cases, professions that involve interaction with people such as a salesperson or public relations officer are likely to undergo this test.

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3.Skills Assessment

This is also known as a trade test. If you have some work experience in relation to the job then be assured that it will be tested. The level of knowledge and proficiency you have already acquired will be verified. This is inclusive of both soft and hard skills. It may focus on data checking, leadership or research and writing assignments.      

4.Emotional Intelligence

No company wants to hire someone who can’t control their emotions at the workplace. For that reason, they will ask questions to recognize if you are emotionally intelligent. Understanding your emotions and those of others is essential. The skills that will be put to the test are adaptability, team work, empathy and conflict resolution.

5.Physical ability

It focuses on jobs that require more physical strength than others like joining the army, marine, police officer and firefighter.

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