‘Power’ producer 50 Cent makes petty claims of theft and Bow Wow put him in his place

50 Cent has claimed that Bow Wow stole money from him when he made a personal appearance at a strip club.

The ‘Candy Shop’ hitmaker – whose real name is Curtis James Jackson – hosted an event at Allure Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta where he provided revelers with stacks of $1 bills to give to dancers as tips.

However, 50 Cent wasn’t happy with the amount Bow Wow took and has accused the 32-year-old rapper of stealing $1,000 worth of dollar bills.

Sharing a video posted to Bow Wow’s Instagram showing his camera panning over several notes, he said: “Oh shit, this little Ni**a BOW WOW took the Money home with him. @antthaladiesman get him before I kill EM #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac ”

The ‘In Da Club’ rapper went on to post another video showing guests dancing around giant stacks of cash with the caption: “We came here like this, Bow wow stealing ones. why the f**k you ain’t throw that to the dancers. you better get me my f***ing money by Monday. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac”

Another video showed the ‘Like You’ hitmaker stood to chat to Wild N Out comedian D Young Fly with wads of money stuffed down his trousers.

Jackson wrote: “@jermainedupri what kinda shit is this, you brought this n**a around man. He stealing the one’s @dcyoungfly you wasn’t n on this s**t was ya ”

In response to the claims, Bow Wow posted a video on his Instagram where he joked about “getting that movie money before him, getting that TV money before him, b***hes before him” before counting out $1,000 to give back.

And sadly, Shad Moss as he is now called might just have a point. With his career earning him big bucks when he launched his debut album ‘Beware of Dog’ at age 13 in 2000, Bow Wow has been raking in big money since he was a young teen.

This news comes after Jackson accused actor and producer Jackie Long of owing him money and calling out ‘Power’ producer Randall Emmett over a $1 million loan. He also attacked his Power castmate Rotimi. According to reports Olurotimi Akinosho also known as Rotimi contested 50 Cents claims that he owed him any money, pointing out that the money was a loan based his contractual agreement when he was signed to his label years ago.

Rapper, songwriter, actor, television producer, entrepreneur, and investor 50 Cent is a rich man. At age 43 his television show ‘Power’ has been a continued success since it first aired in 2014. Although his pettiness was once entertaining, Jackson’s continued behavior has many wondering if he might be facing financial trouble.

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