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Post-Lockdown Situation: Business Practices to Avoid

We all practice bad habits, especially when it comes to our work/business, that we would like to break. Perhaps you have a terrible habit of not answering emails from customers quickly enough.

Or maybe you are working too hard and not getting enough sleep or time off. Maybe you over-promise constantly and find yourself unable to deliver. You might feel disorganized, causing you to waste time on unimportant assignments. Or maybe only to never finish them, you start creating products. You probably have a desire to break it, no matter what your bad business habit is. Not only did COVID-19 spread globally, in almost every sphere of human endeavor, it also stopped all activities.

Apart from the fact that many lives were affected by the pandemic, it also caused a major disruption in the business sector. Nevertheless, with the emergence of lockdown and social distancing, companies are now incorporating innovative working arrangements such as remote working, online services, and regular shift variations.

Here are some of the habits to avoid post lockdown:

Ignoring Online Presence

The pandemic brought a stop to travel, and large events and several organizations that existed solely on physical encounters to stop and pack up stopped this. Company owners need to learn that designing their strategy without getting an online presence is a massive travesty; they will be losing a lot. Strategically, they need to think about going global and leveraging the possibilities of engaging with over 4.5 billion people.

Weak Marketing Strategy

It is a bad habit to restrict its marketing strategy and also a business taboo. Focus on marketing, especially on digital marketing, as everyone knows its importance for any business. During the pandemic, which poses competition for already existing vendors, many goods and services have arisen. To gain pertinence in the business sector and source more leads, one must brush up the marketing game. A killer marketing strategy starts from the startup stages and how your website is designed to establish your brand and online presence.

Not Paying Attention To Innovation

On account of the pandemic, creativity has been on the increase. New commercial and industrial methods are emerging that pave the way for longevity. Holding on to old and familiar strategies that are no longer effective could be a significant slip for any organization. With a sense of focus, entrepreneurs and managers must accept the facts comes with post-COVID-19.

Unnecessary Rigidity

One of the keys to surviving after the change is adapting to versatility and flexibility. Understand that the pandemic has economically and otherwise impacted the world. Therefore, by teaching new plans, being flexible and multifaceted rather than inappropriately unbending, adjusting to the changes is essential.

Ineffective Communication

The hour’s need is to ensure the successful discharge of duties by members of any organization concerning remote work and other evolving working arrangements. Inadequate communication flow will hinder companies’ growth, which is one of the bad habits to avoid. As employees realize that it takes collective effort to maintain the company’s continuity, it becomes easy for them to spend their resources effectively.

Neglecting Creativity

A costly habit any organization can avoid making is neglecting the power of creativity. The post-COVID-19 era is going to be a crucial time to be innovative and creative. To remain in vogue, institutions should be on the lookout to meet customer desires and ways to enhance their services. Teachers resort to virtual classrooms; traders incorporate e-commerce; businesses invest in work-from-home technology. It’s all about inventiveness.

The Pandemic Demand: Going Digital

The COVID-19 crisis gives us a sudden glimpse into the world of the future, one in which digital for any interaction has become central, forcing. Further up, the curve of adoption nearly occurs overnight—both for the organizations and people. We are stepping into a world where Digital channels are the main model of customer-engagement. The primary driver of automated processes is productivity—the framework for versatility, openness, and stable supply chains.

As most organizations are promoting remote work, one challenge that is faced by the organizations is the transfer of larger organization data files over the internet as many files are hard to transfer due to their massive data size. Individual companies provide services and tools for compressing and archiving large data files to ease their transfer on the internet. A compressed zip file offers several benefits by offering faster emailing, lesser server load, document archiving, reduction in storage, and data reduction.


In conclusion, there is no green light as to whether or not there will be a post-COVID-19. However, every business owner must adapt as the virus lingers to ensure that they do not practice the above mentioned bad habits or other potential business errors that hinder the organization’s success.

This article was written by Vincent Rubin. He is a life coach with 7 years of experience with a focus on family relationships. In his free time, he likes to read and spend time with his family doing outdoor activities. Right now he is focused on sharing his expertise with a wider audience through his writing.

If you or someone you know is dealing with mental health problems and would like to talk to someone, visit to speak anonymously.

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