Weird World: Village in Poland waiting almost 10 years for baby boy to be born

A Polish village has been waiting nearly a decade for a baby boy to be born.

The Mayor of Miejsce Odrzanskie – which has just one road and around 300 residents – has promised to give a special award to the next couple to deliver a little boy, with only girls born there since 2010.

County Mayor Rajmun Frischko has vowed to have a surprise ready for the parents who next welcome a son into the world.

He recently told the New York Times he is thinking about “naming a street” or oak tree after the long-awaited male child. According to the NYTimes report, “the mayor is offering a reward for the missing. Scientists want to investigate their absence. And television crews have come searching for answers about a small Polish village’s strange population anomaly. The detail first attracted the attention of the Polish news media when the village sent an all-girl team to a regional competition for young volunteer firefighters.”

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