5 Life choices to avoid in your youth

You only have one life to live, so make it good and fruitful. Every single moment is an opportunity to better your life, you are guaranteed of now. What you do now will determine the kind of future you will have tomorrow. You can make a choice today to do something about your future regrets.

But as youths, if we do not make good life choices, you will be drowning with regrets in years to come. Life is too short, you can choose to better yourself now, make time for the things you love doing, meet people you love, travel the world, create memories, create something that you can later be proud of.

Ensure to avoid the below life choices:


1.Hiding your identity to impress others

In this age many fall to the pressure to belong. Most youths spend a lot of their time and money pleasing people who don’t even care for them. You end up living in another person’s shadow. With time you become too caught up in living a lie that you forget your purpose. Your whole existence becomes a fraud. What you should know is that people will judge you whether you are doing good or not. It’s better to be true to yourself.

2.Avoiding change

Change is inevitable, embrace it. Time and innovations change depending on where you are at in life and where you have positioned yourself. The world would not have evolved if we had not embraced change. For you to know the impact change has, take a close look at your past and see the far you have come and visualized your future. Right now you can make the necessary adjustments for your tomorrow.

3.Allowing negative energies around you

Negativity is infectious. When you allow negativity to drown in you, then you will have yourself to blame. Negativity has no influence on you until you give it the power. Rid yourself of negativity and instead take charge by being positive in all you do. See the good in people and things, think freely, be generous and you will see the world from a different perspective.

4. Waiting for ‘Perfect time’

There is no perfect time to start or do anything, perfect is just an illusion. It is easy to make excuses for not starting, it’s never too late. Take action the time is now. If you never start you never know. It’s easier to procrastinate believing that tomorrow would be better, but come the next day, you discover you haven’t achieved what you wanted and the cycle continues.  The time is now, go and get things done today.

 5.Failing to try

It is good to try and fail rather than never trying at all. The main reason why people fail is not having the motivation. Most of us are caught in our comfort zones simply because you have settled for less or have failed. Stop holding on to comfort, life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Confront your fears and take a step towards your vision. When you step out to try, you are positioning yourself for greater success ahead.

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