Outrage as YouTuber Elodie Zone addresses fans with claws out in an ‘Assumptions About Me’ video

Popular Kenyan Youtuber Elodie Zone has gotten the full wrath of Kenyans after she trolled a few of her fans for assuming that she is a rich kid and a snob.

The video that has blown up the internet was posted on Thursday 6th June 2019 and has been viewed over 25,000 times already. Titled ‘Assumptions about me’, the Youtuber addressed specific assumptions about her from her relationship to her being snobbish and proud. Many also assumed she is a rich kid which is something she did not like from the tone of voice she used in the video.

The YouTuber who was downright rude even ends the seven-minute video with several minutes just showing off the different countries she’s travelled to, from Portugal, Paris, South of France to Mauritius just to prove a point.

The video is a global trend which requires users to ask other users what their assumptions are about them and in turn a YouTuber goes ahead to react as well as respond to the assumptions. This video definitely ruffled many feathers as irate fans filled the comments section with hate having unsubscribed from her Youtube channel.

One user commented, “No offence, I find this video rude. Not all assumptions should be approached in an impertinent way at least try and correct those who’re wrong about you and next time try and hide the names of those who’ve made assumptions about you.”

Another said, “What’s the point of an assumption video if you will sit down at wee hours of the night shooting a video with so much bile, I have alot of opinions about you and this video but I’d rather keep them to myself for now.peace.”

Another admonished,” You got a real nasty attitude, it’s actually embarrassing to witness. You’re 22/23 years old behaving like high school mean girl are you serious. I can’t wait to see where this attitude takes you, ew this was so gross.”

Under the assumptions video, Elodie posted a message to her ‘haters’ three days ago, “Dear all that follow me, I am NOT going anywhere! I will continue to post content. I will continue to respond to your friends publicly if they disrespect me without knowing me. I am not scared of people that hid behind their android screens, please upgrade.”

Earlier today (12.06.19), Elodie who is a former NRG presenter tried to redeem herself with a new video titled ‘Get to know me FIRST’ in which she narrates how she was brought up, where she went to school as well as her battle with depression.

However, Elodie couldn’t resist throwing shade to her fans who called her out in her assumptions videos by saying that the ‘old Elodie’ they missed was long gone and it has been five years.

Many YouTubers around the world have jumped on the ‘Assumptions About Me’tag including Nancie Mwai and Joanna Kinuthia but they have all tried to respond nicely to the assumptions as much as some of them might be far from the truth.

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