Osaka Airport leads in innovation introducing toilet facility for canine travelers

Osaka airport has set up a toilet area for traveling dogs.

The Japanese airport has introduced a facility, which also has a shower and water bowls to allow pooches to relieve themselves. It will be located in a fenced-off yard outside the terminal and contains a ‘pee pole’ that will flush.

The facility is designed to allow dogs to urinate before boarding domestic flights and is the first such space in a Japanese airport. Guide dogs are permitted to use disabled-accessible toilets in the terminal, so long as the mess is cleaned up.

A spokesperson said: “We hope it will lead to stress reduction by allowing dogs, as well as their owners, to go to the toilet before boarding.”

Other Japanese airports like Tokyo’s Narita have indoor areas for service dogs, but ITAMI has taken the concept one step further for both service animals and pets alike according to CNN. Kei Ogata, a spokeswoman from Kansai airport added, “We envisioned these dog-toilets would be used before service dogs get on the flight with their owners.”
The new facility is set to help keep flights punctual and ensure travelers are comfortable.
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