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Nokia Lumia 510: smart phone for the smart student

Most students want a really smart phone that looks stylish, is easy to use and affordable. Nokia’s new phone release – the Lumia 510 – might just be the phone that breaks the quality/price barrier. The phone, which was introduced in the Kenyan market late last year, has intuitive design, both in the hardware and software.


Powered by Windows 7.5, Lumia 510’s clever user interface is a radical departure from what we are used to in Nokia phones or any other phones in the same category. First, the customizable home screen is caged in a 4 inch TFT 480 x 800 pixels.


This is a larger display than the more pricy versions of Lumia 610, 710 and 800. But lets skip to what a typical student would want in a phone; ability to get all the cool apps, high pix camera, social media and sharing, internet, music and working on documents on the go.



You can download free apps available on other platforms on the Nokia Lumia including facebook and twitter apps, angry birds, camera pro2.1, fruit ninja, gravity, whatsapp and top apps to help you in campus.

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The 510 5MP autofocus camera is ordinary in its category but the cool aspect is that you can change the effects before you take a photo. i.e. black and white, sepia, solarise etc. It is also seamless in terms of sharing photos and video. The 510 camera does not have LED flash, taking photos in poor lighting can be a challenge so you have to switch to night-mode to get better photos and video.


Music and videos

The interesting user modification is the way you search for radio channels. You have the option of swiping your finger over the frequency band, and it automatically locks to a frequency. Okay, apart from the eye candy, the speakers are quite powerful. You don’t have to worry about battery life as you can go 24 hours on above average usage. Supports MP3 and can play 38 hours of music before the battery dies. You can store your media files on the 4GB internal memory or on the 7GB Microsoft SkyDrive on the cloud. The downside is that it doesn’t have Micros SD support. The 510 allows you to download loads of music free of charge for one year.

Additional features and services

  • Office apps (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote)
  • Private and office email
  • Nokia drive and maps preinstalled
  • Comes in five removable back-cover colors; red, yellow, cyan, white and black


Retail price

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At Kshs17,000, the Nokia Lumia 510 is the most affordable Lumia smartphone.

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