‘No ‘Twa Twa’ in public’ warns Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko following viral video

The new catchphrase in Kenya ‘Twa Twa’ meaning sex, has been a top trending topic on social media.

While many Kenyans jumped on the Twa Twa topic with the most hilarious replies, memes and even mixes, Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has warned against doing the deed in public in the city.

The politician who is known to be active on social media said that while ‘Twa Twa’ is fine, his administration will not allow it in public.

“Nisawa “Twa Twa” but County Government of Nairobi won’t allow “Twa Twa” in public especially in CBD,” wrote Sonko on social media.

Yesterday, Kenyans woke up to a video of a female preacher giving a sermon on matters of the bedroom.  In the video, the preacher who has been identified as Susan Munene of Overcome Ministries in Kasarani encourages her audience to engage in sex frequently saying that it is the only game made by God.

“Sex is the only game that God created, think about it, Football, Rugby, Netball are all man-made,” she said.

Speaking from her own experience, the pastor said she and her husband, also a preacher, get intimate everywhere, including in the car and in the kitchen.

In the clip, pastor Munene, who is also said to be a doctor, describes sex using the words ‘Twa Twa’ and thrusts her hips animatedly.

“Kama kuna kitu inatufanya tukue kitu kimoja na pastor ni sex, us we can have sex anywhere, kwa gari… twa twa, Kitchen… twa twa everywhere,” she added.

Following the viral video, Susan’s husband Mr. Joseph Munene who is also a pastor at the church that they founded together, came out to defend and support his wife’s remarks on sex between couples.

‘Twa Twa’ is the latest catchphrase to hit the Kenyan social media space that references sex, others include Wamlambez, Wamnyonyez.

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