Nigerian- Brit YouTuber Patricia Bright releases her own clothing line with Amazon

Patricia Bright is all positivity and girl boss goals.

The 32-year-old finance guru turned YouTuber recently took to social media to announce her first clothing collection with Amazon Fashion. Teasing the new collection on her YouTube channel, the mother and entrepreneur of Nigerian decent announced that the collection is a limited edition with the e-commerce giant Amazon. According to a report on The Telegraph, before making the big career change as a content creator, “she spent her weekdays climbing the corporate ladder, moving between London and New York to work at various world-famous financial institutions. By her mid-twenties, she was making more than £60,000 each year, and a successful career lay ahead of her.”

Sharing her latest career-defining moment with her 1 million followers on Instagram she wrote, ” These are all the goodies from my collection dropping this Tuesday with @amazonthedrop I can’t wait for you guys to finally get the goods. Available for 30 hours only and when it’s gone…it’s gone so follow them for the updates!

Patricia who first started her career online with fashion and makeup tutorials went on to incorporate vlogs and later diversified her content to share life lessons with her legion of fans. An author and entrepreneur too, Bright has been keen to expand her revenue streams as a content creator and business owner.

E-commerce multinational Amazon is working with Bright for the timely summer clothing capsule offering on-demand clothing that leverages the following of various influencers. Bright stands to gain more following as well as great earnings from the fashion deal. Amazon affirmed, that the fashion influencers design their collections with guidance from industry professionals. Collection shoppers can make their selection, pay and have their selects made to order and later delivered to their doorsteps.

According to Wired, “Amazon has become one of the most popular clothing retailers in the US, especially among millennials. The company has its own in-house clothing brands, as well as subsidiaries like Shopbop for higher-end women’s fashion and Zappos for shoes. Now, Amazon is experimenting to attract a new, more fashionable segment of consumers: social media influencers and the people who love to follow them.”

Amazon the Drop has also previously worked with influencers Paula Alberdi and Sierra Furtado.


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