Nigerian artist Runtwon releases anticipated album ‘Tradition’ ahead of time much to the delight of fans

Nigerian hitmaker Runtown is back with the surprise drop of his latest EP, ‘Tradition’ that was released last week.

The highly-anticipated 6-song release was due this Friday on the 31st of May 2019, but the artist released it ahead of time on Friday (24.05.19)

“My team is probably going to kill me. I honestly tried my best to stick to the plan but I couldn’t wait,” Runtown mentions. “I have broken the protocols because I want you guys to have the music as quickly as possible. Do me a favour stream the EP until you can sing every song word for word,” posted Runtown on social media.

‘Tradition’ features five new songs alongside the previously released ‘Unleash’,  a collaboration with UK grime act Fekky.

The EP features tracks like ‘Redemption’,’Unleash’,’Emotions’, ‘International Badman Killa’, ‘Tradition’ and ‘Goose Bumps’. Overall, Tradition looks to bring the hazy & downtempo sonic world of Runtown’s addictive hits like ‘Mad Over You’ and ‘For Life’ to higher levels.

The 29-year-old Runtown spoke to OkayAfrica about the inspiration behind the song ‘Emotions’ and revealed that the EP is influenced by all types of love.

“So I was in the studio with the producer Spellz making magic and ‘Emotions’ just happened,” the Nigerian act mentions. “The song actually just came to me. ‘Emotions’ is all about vulnerability, it’s just like confessing your truest feelings to a girl without any sort of ego. I think that love is a very powerful theme and it influences the bulk of my music. Whether it is love for humanity, a woman or life, the EP is influenced heavily by love.”

As reported by The Sauce, Runtown whose real name is Douglas Jack Agu recently released a new collabo with Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire and Jamaican hitmaker Alkaline titled ‘No Negative Vibes’.

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