Netflix issues warning to audiences over the viral Bird Box Challenge

New year, new challenge called the #BirdBoxChallenge but Netflix is not having it.

Movie streaming platform Netflix  has issued a warning to its customers thanks to a meme challenge that has gone viral in which people are choosing to put blindfolds on and navigate the world around them just like the characters in the horror movie “Bird Box.”

For those who spent the holidays visiting friends and family as opposed to not watching Netflix, here’s a quick summary.

On the 13th of December 2018, Netflix released a horror concept movie called Bird Box starring award-winning American actress Sandra Bullock. In Bird Box, Bullock and her children, Boy, and Girl, are forced to wear blindfolds and navigate a river and spooky forest to protect them against the evil monster that, if seen, causes people to kill themselves. Obviously, Netflix wanted took to social media concerned over audience safety.

The movie not only broke viewership records, but it also inspired a bevy of #BirdBoxChallenge memes, including ones in which folks record themselves blindfolded and attempting to do complete tasks, many of which are depicted in the movie.

The increasingly popular challenge has been shared with the world on social media. One viral meme shows a blindfolded family paddling away in their bathtub. Another shows a family running through their living room and one managing to hit the wall instead. There are numerous videos of random people walking blindfolded in New York City and one person even went to the extent of putting a hat over his head while driving.

Last month, the streaming service announced in a tweet that more than 45 million Netflix accounts had streamed Bird Box, which set a new record for the best-ever first week for a Netflix film.

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