Naija rapper hits back at Khaligraph Jones with these 7 punchlines

The beef between Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones and Nigerian rapper Blaq Bonez does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The two rappers are embroiled in a vicious battle on social media and this has led to both rappers getting into the studio to release diss tracks on each other.

The newly crowned rap king’s diss track titled ‘Best Rapper in Nigeria’ dropped on Tuesday (14.01.2020) and Bonez released his reply titled ‘Green Blaq Green’  this afternoon (15.01.2020).

With that said, here are the 7 punchlines that Bonez delivered to the ‘Mi Siogopi’ rapper.

1. Clout chasing agbaya, you should look at yourself. This Nigerian hype juice got this nigga obsessed
You’ve been tryna blow here, no one ever cared. MI, ice tried but it never could work.

2. Whoever told you fresh is a serial capper. Saw you on that Soundcity stage looking like you came to take the award on behalf of the rapper.

3. If there’s one thing that anybody’s learned from manchester united it that Literally nobody’s scared of Jones in defense.

4. Ama Keep drawing lines on Khaligraph till the graph’s finished. With X and as a function of Y Khaligraph’s bleeding. Have Khaligraph’s blood on the wall like a graffiti.

5. Run circles around Kenyans rappers, the only person I could possibly fear is Kenenisa Bekele. Ohh shit, that’s Ethiopian, replace that with Kipchoge. I’m saying I’d fuck yall niggas up on a bottle of rozay.

6. How can you say that I’m 40, you delusional clearly? Or is it dementia? That’s a couple of years early
Alzheimer’s, forgot what you seen on the telly? Or you just ignored my age, You’re the Kenyan Rkelly.

7. When your decline is in full effect, I can use a bouncer who knows a thing about rap. Ring me up, the number is 080555555…

As reported by The Sauce, Bonez’ comments after Khaligraph’s Soundcity MVP Best Hip-hop act win over the weekend was the start of the beef. According to Bonez, Papa Jones was undeserving of the award and crowned himself the best rapper in Africa instead.

Fans of the rappers are going ham on each other on Twitter defending their favourite rapper and arguing which rapper has best lines based on their diss tracks.

Khaligraph Jones VS Blaq Bonez who killed it?



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