#MyHustle: 6 Skills you need to keep your business competitive

In a world where things are drastically changing day in, day out we need to step up our game. Whether you want to be employed or want to get into a business, you need to be highly competitive to be the best in the market. Managers and clients are no longer looking for just skills, you have to prove to them that you can handle the job. Both the client and employer want value for their money, so go the extra mile and has something extra to offer.

Here are the general skills that you need to set you apart:

1.The ability to lead a diverse environment

Different people have different views and communicate differently. If you are an entrepreneur you will meet different people with different ideologies the same case with employees. How do you ensure that you meet peoples needs? How do you go an extra mile to make people appreciate your product or services? Create a strategy to leverage diversity. Get the diverse set of ideas from the different people you work with or the clients you dealing with. You will be ahead of the competition providing for the needs of the clients or employers.

2. Have a global mindset

Open your mind to the word of possibilities. Think about trading with other people across the globe. What kind of technologies are otherexp continents using or what failures can you learn from? Look for partners and friends of like mind from different cultures and continents and engage with them. This might just give you the leg-up in business.

3. A willingness to learn

The willingness to learn is always dependant on your attitude. Gone are the days where you only need to be skillful. In the modern days, you need to improve your craft as you add on other soft skills to better yourself. New skills daily give you an added advantage, use the internet wisely and increase your skillset.

4. Familiarity with basic software

You do not have to be a tech guy to learn the basic computer software like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many more. This will help ease your workload. There has been a great shift from analog to digital. All of the conversations and communications take part online. Documents are shared via emails and are created using this basic software. Technology has played a huge in advancing careers and making business more efficient. Integrating task managers, money management applications and other software could be essential to growing your business.

5. Strong communication skills

You may have the best degree in the market but its very important to know how to communicate and work with your fellow employees, employer or even clients. Communication is imperative to selling anything to a client. Having that easy flow of thought is highly important. How you express yourself to others and employers makes it easier to be understood. Communication makes it easier to strike a business deal and understand the needs of the people.

6. Experiment with social media platforms

We are in a digital world, take advantage of that. A lot of commerce is going on daily in the social media platforms. Let your product be known and seen in the digital platforms. You do not have to be a guru, you only have to experiment and know what works best for you. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram are just but a few social media platforms to familiarize yourself with. Use these social media sites to look for more work or even research for potential jobs or clients and identify people you need to connect with. Also, take advantage of online courses that can boost your skill set.

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