#MyHustle: 4 considerations to make as a new business owner

If you are already running a business or are contemplating one, there are four critical things one should know. Gaining success as an entrepreneur can be daunting, however, it is within reach for everyone.

1.Have an entrepreneurial mind

There are people who worship at the altar of employment and would never care to start a business of their own. That is okay since not everyone might have the capability or interest to run a business. This is especially true for people in professional careers such as medicine, nursing, law, and engineering. Through the LLA classes on entrepreneurship, however, I learned that it is possible to use this as a strength and be entrepreneurial even as one focuses on employment. Irrespective of the profession, you can establish a business along the same lines such as a law practice or consulting agency and still be able to pursue your career aspirations.

2.Business Management Tools

The success or failure of a business largely depends on how well managed it is. However, this has to be done meticulously using a wide variety of tools. These include things such as the business plans for presenting the business; keeping track of what the business is all about, and the pitch decks for seeking investments. It can take a lot of time to learn how to use such tools if one is doing it on their own while at the same time running their enterprise.

3.Financial Management

One of the most interesting aspects of entrepreneurship is wealth management. The objective of any businessperson is for their business to generate money. This, however, is not the hard part. The challenge is keeping and growing that money through proper financial management.

4. Understanding Group Dynamics

The modern workplace is mainly driven by a team effort. It is impossible to run a one-man business, especially once it steps out of the formative stages. That is the reason why one needs to understand the dynamics of groups and how to work with people of varying personalities, skills and backgrounds. It is important to value of teamwork and how to use leverage your businesses to operate and succeed in the modern marketplace.


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