#MyHustle: 3 Event organizers in campus making boss moves

University affords the youth the chance to explore careers in fields they’re not studying for class.

The events management business in Kenya is growing and some campus students are earning extra cash from planning small events in their institutions. The Sauce spoke to three students who are making money from organizing events.

1.Ferdinand Muganda
He’s a fourth-year university student pursuing Media Science. He has organized many poetry and music events in Moi University that has seen him work with A-listers such as King Kaka, Fena Gitu and Dela.

He says, “I had to learn everything from scratch with no assistance; from designing the posters to budgeting, organizing the stage. I enjoy seeing people having fun, the money that comes with successful events, the networking because you get to meet a lot of people. I’ve met celebs I couldn’t have possibly imagined meeting. There’s also the fulfillment of investing in your creativity and seeing it pay off. Events require a flexible person who’s also good at communicating with team members to ensure an event is successful.”

2.Faith Kangogo
She was part of the team that organized Eldoret’s first TEDx event that saw the likes of music producer Cedo and twitter micro-influencer Brian Mbunde speak. She has organized events for AIESEC when she was Moi University’s chapter president and dinner galas at different capacities as a student.

She says, “The amount of improvisation my teams and I have had to employ during last-minute hitches is just crazy. A good number of them actually worked efficiently. Events planning allows you to use your imagination and creativity in an unconfined manner. There’s no better space to express yourself than during an events planning space.”

3. Oscar Churchill
As a student, Oscar earns extra cash by acting on theatre productions as well as organizing events. The student, based in Nakuru, has been behind some of the poetry slams around the tourist town.

He says, “If you want to plan a successful event, coming up with a budget and ensuring it fits in well is important. I would also encourage one to start organizing early enough and avoid last minute rush.”