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My new semester resolutions

Another holiday has come and gone. Many of us return to school next week, and even though I know no one really follows through with resolutions, I thought I’d get down a few suggestions for the new (or continuing) semesters that’ll make your university life that much easier.


1. Attend more classes

Roll your eyes all you want, but we’ve all had those days when the last thing you want to do is crawl out of bed for that 8 am accounting class. But weren’t you glad you did when mid sem exams rolled around? Or did you wish you had forced yourself to go to class, because the exam felt a little like a firing squad aimed at you? Learn from that, pick yourself up and go learn something.


2. Be nice(er) to your teachers.

Remember that guy last semester, sat at the back of the class with his hand permanently in the air? Do you remember him because he always had something constructive to say, or because he was the douchebag who took any chance he got to raz on the teacher? Such people leave a bad taste in the mouths of both student and teachers alike, and often see it reflected in their results. After all, teachers are only human, and a know-it-all attitude could prompt them to knowingly (or unknowingly) judge you by more stringent standards. Bottom line: don’t be that guy.


3. Drink less.

Yes, you with the beer stashed under your bed. This one’s for you. Let’s face it, a big part of the college experience is getting so wasted you forget your own name. But what happens when, at the end of your four or so years of university, your left with nothing but a string of random stories to show for it? They say that alcohol impairs your judgement, but what they forget to mention is that it also limits how much fun you can really have. No one likes being the passed out guy (or girl) puking on himself in the corner, and even fewer people like cleaning up after him. So the next time you go out, exercise some restraint. Know your limits, so the next morning you don’t have to ask the dreaded three words: “Kwani jana kuliendaje?”


4. Read more.

Remember that awkward moment after you’ve shown your parents your results, but before they react? Had one of those last semester? Don’t let it happen again. Seriously, READ. Again I say, read. It’s your future that’s at stake here, and when you’re an unemployed forty-something year old still living with his mother, no one’s going to care what “off the hook” parties your attended when the rest of us studied.


5. I know this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you to cut loose a little, YOLO and all.

But I’d rather end this post on the note on which it began, so I will instead tell you to get your head out of your books …… and into some campus events. All colleges have them, and they are an important part of your all round development as a student. Culture week coming up? Go learn something there. Career fair next week? Go talk to that company representative and figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. It’s part of the experience, and being married to the library all through can actually do more harm than good. So cut loose, both at Tortillas and school functions. Because at the end of the day, not everything worth learning is taught in a classroom.

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