‘Mtalipa na mbuzi na kondoo zenyu’ threatens ‘Safaricom’ after data bundle heist

Be warned Kenyans on Twitter, ‘Safaricom’ is over the data bundles theft.

Telecoms operator Safaricom savagely replied to Kenyans on Twitter after the infamous airtime and data bundle heist that took place yesterday (23.10.19), or did they?

Tweets doing rounds on social media allegedly from Safaricom have shocked many internet users. The tweets that were made to look like they were from the official Safaricom account savagely warned Kenyans who took part in the recent data bundle heist would pay back by whichever means necessary including selling their goats and sheep.

The tweet that was signed off by someone with the initials SM read, “Those of you who stole our data and airtime, we won’t allow that parte after parte to continue. Mtalipa ata kama ni mbuzi na kondoo zenyu mtauza. Enough is enough. Nkt.”

Another tweet apparently identified and shamed the biggest beneficiary of the latest Safaricom airtime and bundles hack as Silvans Omondi, a Pwani University student who allegedly acquired 987 million worth of data bundles illegally.

A tweet to which a daring Silvans cheekily replied, “I am in my house. Come beat me.”

As much as the account name and verification implied that the tweets came from a legit Safaricom account, a quick spot check by The Sauce revealed that the tweets were, in fact, fake and intended to make light of the heist that occurred yesterday.

As reported by The Sauce, this is not the first glitch that Safaricom has suffered in the recent past.

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