Money Matters: How to crack the code to a successful instabiz, in the new-age marketplace

Instamarket is a whole new turnabout thing with businesses finding their space and customers online.

Black mother and daughter shopping online with credit card

Traders find each other, customers, suppliers and deliveries planning are done on Instagram with the worry and tediousness of securing physical stores being eliminated. Even physical stores have turned to Instagram to find customers. From James Charles to Joanna Kinuthia, young people have realized the powerful tool that is always around and are making big or at least becoming independent from it. Since one will be on the phone, why not earn from it at the same time.

Instamarket254, a growing event where the idea of online marketing and flea market join is an example of the arsenal that is social media. Traditional flea markets are also being impacted by the young traders displaying both their products and brand social media handles fusing traditional business techniques with digital marketing tactics. The idea is no longer to trade at the physical market but rather to get one’s brand name out there; improving reach and engagement that should lead to the revenue increase. Following becomes a currency that lands the young people deals with bigger brands, from fast food joints to pharmaceutical companies.

What you need to know to be apart of the revolution:
1. Be daring.

Social media is not for the weak and the humble. If you wish to pursue a business idea using social media or be an influencer, you have to be out there. We have to see you, or your product and it has to stand out.

2. Consistency.

If you are a content creator, it has to be done often. If you are selling food, you have to remind us that the food is there and it has to always look appetizing. Once a week is not enough and you might want to consider using more than one platform.

3. Cooperation and collaboration.

One man’s followers are also your potential followers, thus find friends from those doing the same thing as you. If you are selling ladies tops, the best customers will be from another clothes vendor and they will keep coming back as you complement each other. They will be looking for a bralette from you for the skirt they got online so keep watch on those doing something similar to you.

Be part of the revolution and make your way.

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