Miss Mandi’s top 5 underrated thrillers to binge watch this December

Miss Mandi might be known as the Throwdown Queen, but is also a great content creator.

As such, Mandi is always keen on consuming content that offers up great ideas. As host of The Heat on Capital FM and YouTuber, she is all about appreciating different perspectives in engaging content. A lover of all things thrilling, Miss Mandi sat down with The Sauce to share 5 thrillers and sci-fi shows worth watching this December.

1. I Am Number Four

The 2011 release is action-packed based on the life of the supernatural teen John Smith. Similar to Superman, John must learn to control his powers as he is hunted down by his enemies. Love, sacrifice, the supernatural all make for a series worth watching. An intersting storyline, full of plot twists keep the suspense through out the series.

2. Would You Rather

A twisted game of ‘Would You Rather’ sees Candice risk it all to get help for her sick brother. She gets invited to a dinner party that goes horribly wrong as a doctor forces guests to make deadly decisions to win the grand prize. If you are squeamish, this might not be the movie for you.

3. What Happened To Monday

Set in the future, “What Happened To Monday” combines themes of courage, family and love in a kick-ass sci-fi movie. Born in a time of a one-child policy rule, 7 siblings must live one life as Karen Settman, until there are discovered. If you enjoy being at the edge of your seat, this highly underrated movie delivers loads of suspense and action.

4. 13 Cameras

An unsuspecting couple’s naivety sees them move into a new home in search of a fresh start. Newlyweds, Ryan played by PJ McCabe and Claire played by Brianne Moncrief, move into a new house only to learn their creepy landlord played Neville Archambault much worse than they could have imagined.

5. Containment

British indie movie “Containment,” tells the tale of resilience and sacrifice. Neighbors in a block wake up to find they have been locked in their apartment block. Determined to find a way out, they work to regain some sense of control over the situation.

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