Michael Jackson’s documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ stirs up controversy at Sundance Film Festival

Michael Jackson’s ‘Leaving’ Neverland documentary is out.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday 25th January 2019 in Utah, USA.

The film described by many people online as “devasting and disturbing” focuses on two men who claim Michael Jackson had abused them as children. However, according to an article by the People, Michael Jackson’s estate deny the claims saying it’s “an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in” on the internationally acclaimed singer.

The documentary also details how the “Thriller” hitmaker gave a young boy jewelry in exchange for sexual acts and even staged a fake wedding.

The victims Wade Robson and James Safechuck who are now in their 30’s say they were aged 7 and 10 when the singer befriended them and their families. The ‘King of Pop’ always denied these allegations. Police raided his Neverland Ranch in California in 2003 while investigating claims he had molested a 13-year-old boy. The case went to trial and Wade Robson was the main witness. He said under oath that the singer never abused him and Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges in 2005.

According to the BBC, the two-part film which is directed by Dan Reed contains various shockers. The film’s synopsis reads: “Through gut-wrenching interviews with the now-adult men and their families, Leaving Neverland crafts a portrait of sustained exploitation and deception.”

The documentary will be available for public viewing from March 2019 on HBO after showing at the Sundance Film Festivals which ends on Sunday, 3 Feb 2019. According to reports from NBC News, the festival is set to face an onslaught of protests from fans who are convinced that the documentary on ‘King of Pop’ is based on unfounded claims.

Michael Jackson died on 25 June 2009 aged 50 after receiving a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol.

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