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Message to Men: There’s more to life than sex, a muscular body & a car

Message to MenThere used to be a time when men used to be real men. Those were the days when men dressed with style, spoke with wisdom and had a certain code of honour that commanded respect, praise and admiration.

Unfortunately, from the look of things, it seems that those days are far gone. In the place of men of honour, we now have men trapped in adult bodies, but carrying toddlers’ mindset, behaviour and character. Well, before you shout your lungs out. Hear me out.

Someone needs to tell men that sex, a muscular body and an expensive car doesn’t define a real man. Someone needs to tell men that a hot body and a good erection cannot provide for your family or woman. We got too many brothers nowadays obsessed with who they will lay next to the extent that they have forgotten what a real man is all about.

We got too many brothers obsessed with having a six-pack so as to look sexy and attractive among ladies they have simply forgotten what manhood is about. We got too many brothers dying to own the latest car, they are now trapped in unnecessary debts. We got brothers running around with a muscular body but with an empty head, and have no clue on personal financial management, savings and investment.

Brothers, a real man takes care of his business. A real man strikes a balance in his life and understands that family and his woman comes first above anything else. A real man respects and puts his woman first. He understands that life is not a game of sexual conquests involving oiling every cleavage you meet. A real man understands that taking care of his body and health is important. A real man understands that sending his woman to the glory land, if you know what I mean, is equally important and so is owning a nice car. However, a real man also understands that there’s more to life than simply that.

We have so many sisters out there carrying bitterness and resentment towards men because of how they have been mistreated, abused and looked down upon. We got sisters who have simply lost faith in brothers – thanks to some horny, arrogant and ignorant toddlers running around trapped in adult bodies. Women are simply looking for a useful man – a man with substance, value and principles. A man who is focused in life knows what he wants and doesn’t run around as if the existence of the earth depends on his sexual conquests and material possessions. A muscular body and a pimped up ride cannot pay the bills.

Sisters are looking for a man who talks about wealth creation and investment with the same passion he talks about Kim Kardashian’s booty, the English Premier League and latest gadgets. Real women want more than a pretty rich boy. Women want love, respect, commitment and faithfulness. Women want a man who loves, fears and respects God. A man who can prepare a nice delicious meal for his woman and family, open the door for his woman, change diapers for their kids, and more importantly a man who doesn’t treat his woman as if he was trapped into the relationship.

Brothers, it’s time to up our game. Women of today are empowered and independent. So, intimidation and manipulation just won’t cut it anymore. It’s time we become real men once again. Men of honour.Men who have a relationship with God. Men who are determined to be the greatest role models, and inspiration to our generation. It’s time we become men who command respect without having to arm-twist anyone or impress anyone with our muscular bodies, yet have nothing between our ears. It’s time we simply become real men.

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